Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Abhira support Krish

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ruhi and Abhira falling down. Suwarna thinks Lord saved us today. Its morning, Ruhi and Abhira wake up with a hangover. Abhira sees Vidya at the door. Dadi comes to Ruhi. Dadi asks her not to bond with Abhira. Vidya says thandai man got the special thandai, don’t worry, Madhav will scold him, take medicines, your headache will be fine. Dadi asks Ruhi to have lemon water. Ruhi says thanks, sorry, I won’t do this again. Dadi says I trust you, not Abhira. Ruhi says Abhira didn’t do this intentionally. Dadi says I don’t believe it. She goes. Ruhi recalls what happened. Armaan comes and asks will you get my mum’s love also. Abhira says yes, everything. He says you should get scolded. Abhira says scold him. Vidya scolds Armaan and says she has a headache. Armaan and Abhira argue. Vidya says stop it, no one can say that you are husband and wife, always keep space for love. She goes. Ruhi comes and says Abhira. Abhira says I have a strong headache, how are you. Ruhi says I m good. Abhira says I didn’t tell the marriage truth. He says I made it quiet. She asks Ruhi did she tell the truth. Ruhi says no. He says its better if everyone hides their truth. Sanjay asks why do you want money. Krish says I want to pay fees to study arts. Sanjay scolds him. He says I won’t give you any money. Everyone talks about the holi party and laughs. Abhira comes and asks what’s the joke. Manisha jokes. Armaan comes. Abhira screams and turns to see him. She says sorry Dadisa. She sees her earring on Armaan’s shirt. He says I will give it. Vidya asks him to make Abhira wear it. He says no, she will wear it on her own. She insists.

Armaan makes Abhira wear the earring. Vidya and everyone smile. They all clap. Ruhi looks on. Krish says I got Rasgulla for my sweet family. Armaan and Abhira take it and eat. They like it. Sanjay asks Krish why did he get sweets. Krish says I sold my bike and took admission in arts academy. Sanjay gets shocked and raises hand. Armaan stops Sanjay. Ruhi stops Abhira. Sanjay gets angry. Armaan says we will sit and talk. Dadi says we are Poddars, we are a respectable family, Krish won’t learn music. Abhira starts defending Krish. Dadi asks did I ask you to talk in between, stay quiet at home. Armaan says enough Abhira. Dadi asks Sanjay to book Krish’s tickets, he will go to the US to study law. Krish is shocked. Sanjay says sure. Krish angrily leaves.

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Its night, Krish says I can’t live in this house, I will go. He sees the gate locked and climbs it. Abhira says running away isn’t a solution. Krish sees Abhira and Armaan. Armaan says if you run today, then you will run away forever. Ruhi comes and looks on. Abhira says learn to firm your stand and fight. Krish says I have no option, this will be tough, I know. Armaan says convince Dadi and Sanjay, I will help you. Krish says no one has a hope from me. Krish says I have a hope from you, I promise, I will support you. Abhira says we both will support you. Armaan asks Krish to go and sleep. Krish goes. Armaan says I lock the gate because of you. She says you should thank me, its okay. She shouts snake… Armaan lifts her in arms. He says it’s a rope, not a snake. Abhira says when did I say snake, I was just asking you. He says you can’t lie to me, I know you more than you. Ruhi cries seeing them. Abhira asks him to put her down. She leaves. Ruhi says Armaan, the fight happened because of Abhira, why are you supporting her. He says I m supporting my brother, Abhira and Krish’s point of view isn’t wrong. She stumbles. He pulls her. Her hand hits his neck. She says sorry, are you fine. He says yes. He goes. Its morning, Kajal prays for Krish and cries. Abhira says you are his mum, you have to support him, please try. Sanjay comes and shouts Kajal. Abhira says listen to me once. He says ask this girl to leave my house. They see Armaan.

Armaan says you have no right to insult Abhira, she is my wife. Dadi makes Armaan apologize to Sanjay. Armaan asks Sanjay to apologize to Abhira.