Udne Ki Aasha 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Isha shares her pregnancy news with Tejas

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Udne Ki Aasha 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Paresh saying just Sachin understands me in this house, Sayali will be my bahu, you think well and decide, Renu, my decision is final. He goes. Renu gets angry. Shubha recalls the goon troubling Sayali. She asks her to have food. Juhi says I will have food later. Sayali asks Shubha to come and have food. She asks what were you thinking, tell me. Dilip comes home. Sayali asks him to freshen up and have food. He says later. Shubha says I stay worried for you, Sudhakar has done the cheap thing with you, I m afraid. Dilip says I will kill him. Sayali stops him. She says Sudhakar got hurt, he won’t come next time, I will hit the hammer on his head. Shubha says he is a goon, your dad is no more. Sayali asks shall I get scared or sit at home, better I marry him to pay the loan. Shubha says no, just think once about Paresh’s son. Sayali says you all are my life, I have to keep responsibilities. Shubha says I also want to keep my responsibility, a good proposal came for you. Sayali says I won’t marry until Juhi and Dilip get independent. Juhi asks her to get married. She says I will find some part time job. Sayali says no need. Juhi says Shikha told me that principal refused to give admission to Dilip, Sayali has become the baby’s Nanny at his house to convince him. Dilip cries. Shubha says Sayali’s life is tough. He asks is this true, did you do this for my admission. Sayali says I had to do it to convince him. Shubha says you are doing a lot of work, you are young. Sayali says I used to take care of Dilip, I will manage. Juhi says I will do the work there. Sayali says no, we have to fulfill dad’s dream. Juhi says dd wanted to see your marriage, at least think of mum and get married. Sayali worries. Isha cries and argues with Tejas. He says I love you a lot. She says sorry, I love you a lot, if you marry someone, I will die. He says don’t say this. She says promise me, you will never leave me. He says promise, can we have some coffee. She says no. He hugs her and say I love you.

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Its morning, Sachin comes to have breakfast. Tejas gets Isha’s call and goes. Renu says he is so hardworking, he has no time to eat food. Tejas goes to room and talks to Isha. Isha says I m in hospital, come fast. He asks are you fine. She says I m scared, come fast. He says I m coming. Sachin comes to meet his friend. They have a talk and go to eat some snacks. The kids play holi. Sayali watches the plate. The water falls over Sachin. They argue. She serves the poha. Anya says its really tasty. Sachin says its disgusting. Anya asks for water. Sachin sings. Anya gets a call and says we have to leave, client has come. Sachin pays the money. Sayali says take the money back, you didn’t like the poha. Sachin says it wasn’t so bad that I don’t pay for it. He leaves.

Tejas comes to Isha and asks what’s the matter. She says actually I have missed my periods. He asks what. She says no, I did pregnancy test at home, it was negative. He asks what are you doing here. She says I thought to come here and take proper test, I m pregnant with your child. He asks how did this happen, we use protection. She says pregnancy chances are less but it happens. She scolds him. He says everyone is watching. She asks why are you embarrassed, did we do any mistake. He says relax. She says you are going to leave me now, I have made a fool of myself, your dad found a girl for backup, very good, Tejas. He says listen to me, I was scared, we can’t afford a baby, we will go home and talk. She says no. He says don’t create a scene here. She says I m afraid, I trusted you and loved you, its all my fault. He says I will always be with you, I love you. He takes her home. Sachin sees Sayali and asks is your scooter’s battery down. He asks her to take help. She says its help that you don’t help. She leaves.

Sayali and Sachin meet again. She argues. Goons kidnap her. Sachin comes to save her.