Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Karun chooses Mahima as his mother

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Principal tells Arjun that Karun will be suspended. Arjun asks him not to suspend him and tells that Karun is a well behaved boy. He asks Karun to apologize to Pratham. Karun refuses. Arjun insists. Karun says sorry to Pratham and others, and goes out. Arjun comes out and asks Karun why did he beat Pratham? Karun asks him to take him to Kashvi and then only he will say. Arjun takes Karun there. He asks why did he beat Pratham? Karun says because of you both and says everyone is teasing him in class saying that they are having an affair. He asks Arjun to swear on him and says if he loves Kashvi. Arjun refuses to swear on him. Karun tells him that why you didn’t celebrate holi with Mamma. Kashvi tries to make him understand that they love each other as friends since their childhood and tells that nobody can take his mother’s place as a mother is a mother. Arjun tells Karun that Kashvi Maasi can be his Maa. Kashvi says Arjun. Arjun says Karun shall understand. He asks him to think about Mahima and Kashvi, and says Mahima ignores you and gives priority to herself, how selfish she is, and Kashvi Maasi loves him and gives him priority. Kashvi asks Karun not to think about Arjun’s words. Karun tells Kashvi that he will think what Dad is saying, he wants time.

Aditya gets shocked and says if Karun chooses Kashvi as his mother then Kashvi will leave me. He comes to Pandit ji and shows Kashvi and Arjun’s kundali to Pandit ji, who tells that their souls are connected with each other. Aditya says there is a risk on Arjun’s life and he was in danger since many days. Pandit ji says Kashvi is his shield and nothing will happen to Arjun, until she is with him. Aditya says Kashvi is his shield. He goes out and calls someone to meet him.

Kashvi thinks if Karun chooses me as his mother then what I will do? Arjun brings Karun back and says he had pasta. Karun says I have decided who will become my Mamma. Arjun asks who? Karun makes him stand beside Kashvi and says he wants Mahima as his mother. Arjun gets upset. Kashvi is heart broken. Karun says I love you Kashvi Maasi, but Mamma is Mamma. Arjun says I made you understand. Kashvi says he has decided. Karun says I love you both and asks if I can have both mothers. Kashvi says she is his Maasi and Maasi is also a mother. She says she is giving off to her dad and he shall spend time with his dad. Karun goes out. Kashvi asks him to end the matter, as Karun chooses his mother. She says he has beaten a boy today as he talked about us. Arjun says only you can be a good mother for him, and tells that they are partner for life. Kashvi gives her swear and says Karun is waiting for you. Arjun goes. Kashvi cries and looks at Arjun and Karun’s pic with her.

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Mahima gets angry to know from Aditya that Arjun asked Karun to choose his mother. She asks whom he has chosen? Aditya says you are not sure and asks what kind of mother you are, and tells that if you had given him love then this wouldn’t have happened. Mahima asks what you are doing, what type of husband you are? Aditya says if she doesn’t become a good mother then Arjun will convince Karun to choose Kashvi. Mahima says if my marriage breaks then your marriage will break too. Aditya says his marriage is not real, Kashvi wanted Karun to have a happy family and that’s why they acted to do fake marriage. Mahima asks if his love is fake like marriage. Aditya gets angry and says whoever comes between Kashvi and me, I move that person from our way, and says he has done many sacrifices. Mahima says I want Arjun and you want Kashvi. She says we shall work together and asks him to make relation with Kashvi using any means and then once kashvi makes relation with you, then she will not leave you. She says she is also trying to get pregnant again. Aditya says you are having a son already. Mahima says but she wants another child and she feels that Arjun will not leave her. Aditya says he will try her idea and shakes hand with him.

Precap: Mahima tells Karun that she haven’t spend good time with her since few days and that’s why she wants to make it up and needs his help. Karun asks what to do? Later he acts as getting stomach pain.