Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Aditya’s plan is ruined to harm Arjun

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Arjun thinks thank God, Karun saved me, else don’t know what Mahima was trying to do with me. He says such thing happened 6 years back, when I had lost control on myself. He says he just loves kashvi, and thanks God for saving Karun there. He says he is just of Kashvi, don’t want to lose her, wants to spend life with Kashvi. Aditya sees Arjun and says I am coming as your death. Everyone dances celebrating holi. Aditya has colored his face and comes there. He pours the water bucket on Arjun and thinks he should have shouted by now.

He sees the real box is with Monty who wants to throw color on Kashvi. He pushes Monty and makes him fall down in the pool. Monty cries. Keval doesn’t identify Aditya and says why you made my son colored water fell down. Aditya says I will bring colored water for him. Arjun says it was colored water mistake and says throw it out. Kashvi says mistake is of Monty, throw him out. Aditya washes his face. Monty cries and asks for colored water. Aditya brings colored water and gives to Monty. Monty throws the colored water on Aditya and says you are best jiju. The holi song plays….Kashvi dances with Karun. Arjun imagines dancing with Kashvi and applying her color. Kashvi also applies color to his face. He says you are just mine and I am yours. Karun throws pichkari water on Arjun. Kashvi asks if he is fine. Arjun asks her to dance and they dance. Karun’s friend looks at them. Mahima gets furious.

In the car, Kashvi tells Aditya that she had taken bath 4 times, but the color didn’t go applied by Arjun. Aditya says my color must have gone in one go. Kashvi says what is your problem, how do you think all this? Aditya tells that it was obvious that you wanted to become part of the family and wants to take Mahima’s place. He asks her to handle herself before Arjun betrays her again. Kashvi says if there was something then people would have seen, but there is nothing.

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Karun tells his friends about holi celebration. The boy who attended the celebration tells that his parents told that Karun’s Papa and maasi are having an affair and very soon his parents will be divorced and Karun will get new Mummy and asks if he will come with her. Karun gets angry and grabs the boy’s collar. Teacher comes there. Karun says he is saying bad things about my family and asks her to make the boy apologize. The boy says he is saying truth. Teacher takes Karun and the boy to Principal.

Kashvi gives lemon water to Arjun in the office to beat the hangover. Arjun gets message from karun’s school and tells Kashvi that school is going to take disciplinary action against Karun. Kashvi says I will also come. Peon comes and says Raunaq sir is called her for meeting. Arjun says I will go to school and asks her to handle the meeting.

Mahima comes to Romila and tells that her plan is super flopped, Arjun didn’t come closer to her, and was getting closer thinking her to be Kashvi. Romila says you tried at the wrong time and asks her to take Arjun far from here. She asks her to ask Karun what he wants, brother or sister.. She says when Arjun is very far from Kashvi, then you can make him hers, so that he never thinks of going back to Kashvi. Mahima gets hopeful.

Precap: Aditya asks Pandit ji if Arjun’s age is less, as he is getting attacked. Pandit ji says nothing will happen to Arjun until Kashvi is with him. Arjun asks Karun why did he beat Pratham? Karun asks him to take him to Kashvi Maasi. Mahima asks Karun whom he has chosen as his mother. Aditya calls someone to meet him.