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Titu is about to apply color on Dimpy when Vanraj comes and pushes him, but the color falls down on Dimpy’s forehead and Titu falls down. Anupama comes to Titu’s rescue and asks him to go from there. Vanraj threatens to kill Titu and asks Anupama not to come between them. Titu looks at Dimpy and goes. Anupama says we shall think how to bring Toshu back. Babu ji asks Vanraj to come. Yashdeep asks Anupama if she is fine? She says everything is happening so fast that she doesn’t know if she is fine or not. She says the spice and chutney stall is doing good due to Vikrm Bhai Chaat and Pani puri. He asks if I can apply you color and says I am asking you so that you don’t feel bad. Anupama applies him color and says you can apply color on my face as it is holi. Yashdeep applies color on her face when Anuj and Vanraj sees them and gets upset and shocked.

Anupama sees a guy going towards Kinjal and Pari, with his face colored. Anupama catches him and holds his hand. He tries to run and Anuj makes him fall down. Anupama splashes water on his face. Everyone sees Toshu. Kinjal and Pari looks shocked. Pari runs to Toshu and hugs him, asks him not to go anywhere. Anupama sends her to have chaat with Rahul. Toshu runs to Kinjal and asks how is she? Kinjal says I thought that you love Pari and me but I was wrong and you eloped. Toshu says I love you both and that’s why I have come. Anupama tells that you didn’t come, but was brought here. She recalls making with Kinjal and others to force Vanraj to call him back. Fb ends. She says I know that you will come for Pari and Kinjal.

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Toshu tries to run from there, but Anupama shouts calling him. He stops.

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