Shaitani Rasmein 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Vikram decides to help Nikki

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The Episode starts with Suguna asking Piyush and Sumitra if they are planning to kill Daakini. Sumitra asks her to say in low tone. Suguna says I am not worried for myself, and has lived my life, but why you people want to lose your lives. Piyush says we have death anyway, if we try then we will have no regret that we didn’t try. Sumitra says we have convinced ourselves and asks her to tell where it is found. Suguna says it is not found anywhere, you have to make it as Satya Darpan. She tells that the elders of the house have to sacrifice their blood and tell their life’s truth to the mirror, which nobody knows and if the mirror thinks that it is truth then it will turn into Satya Darpan. Sumitra says I am ready, but Raja Saheb.

They come to Vikram. Vikram says just now I got saved from death and you both came to me talking about Nikki’s proposal. He tells Sumitra that he doesn’t expect this from her. He says he can’t get the handcuffed again, if Chaaya ji comes to know then she will kill everyone. Sumitra reminds him that if Nikki couldn’t bring Daakini’s heart then Daayan will kill Piyush. Piyush tries to make Vikram understand that they have to help Nikki. Vikram says there is a well at one side and other side is valley. Nikki comes there and hears him. She says you are right, one side is well and other side is valley, but help me walk on the path. She says if we didn’t try then we all will fall down and will die. Vikram recalls Nikki saving him and tells her that he will not come in her talks. He asks Sumitra if she didn’t see that this girl is playing with everyone’s emotions and tells that her motive is to get all of us killed by Malik.

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Piyush says it is not her plan, but mine. Vikram says I am against all this. Nikki has to go to Daakini’s marriage and has to steal her heart. Daayan comes there and asks what they are doing?

Bhavani Singh and Prateik come to the nearby village and enquire with the people about Daakini hearing that the boy’s dead body is missing. The guy says yes. Bhavani says they heard that Daakini steals the dead body when she is going to marry. The guy says yes. Bhavani asks where is the well, as they heard that Daakini stays near the well. The other guy shouts asking them to leave. Prateik and Bhavani Singh go from there.

Nikki says we were discussing to go against you. Everyone is shocked. Daayan grabs her neck. Nikki says we were saying that we can’t go against you, and we are your slave. They all sit down. Daayan asks who is the most powerful. Nikki says you. Daayan laughs and asks them to talk and goes. Niki tells Vikram that Daakini is very dangerous, more dangerous than Daayan. She says she loves them all and needs their support, so that she can fulfill Malik’s wish and this can be possible if she has weapon with her, ie Daayan tears. She says if you walk me to go empty hand then I will go to Daakini and will face her. Piyush and Nikki are about to leave, when Vikram stops her and tells that the weapon will be given to her for this rasam, I will make Satya darpan. Nikki thanks him.

Precap: Suguna tells Sumitra that this mirror is ordinary and it will become Satya darpan if someone tells truth sitting infront of it.Sumitra tells in the mirror that she doesn’t love Nikki. Piyush tells Nikki that he will bring her Daayan’s mercury. Daayan tells Sumitra that she is not foolish and asks Sumitra to say what conspiracy they have planned against her.