Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kashvi finds out about Natasha

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Arjun asks Kashvi, are you sure that you have done the right thing by bringing Karun here, I like to see him, but not in jail. Kashvi says Karun had eloped, as Mahima told that she can’t take him to his dad, and says I brought him here to meet you, and took special permission so that you meet him without the handcuff in your hand. She says he is your son and needs you. Arjun thanks her. Kashvi asks him to spend time with Karun, and tells the latter that she will come to pick him after an hour. She thinks to go to meet Vandana and goes. She is on the way and thinks she will reach in 5 mins.

Arjun tells Karun that Police needs proofs to leave the person. Karun asks which proof is needed to take you out from here. Arjun thanks him and says only one person can prove that I am innocent, and tells that she is Natasha Aunty and she can only say that I was with her to drop her home, when the crime happened. He says only I have seen her face, and that’s why Police can’t search him. Karun asks him to tell how she looks, and says he will draw her face and they will show the drawing/sketch to Police. Arjun begins telling Natasha’s description. Kashvi reaches Vandana’s house and asks if you are Vandana. Vandana smiles. Karun has made the sketch and shows to Arjun. Arjun says she looks the same. Vandana says yes, I am Vandana Shah. Kashvi asks did you sell your car recently. Vandana asks her to come inside. Kashvi tells that she is a civil service officer and wants to know that if her guard has taken loan to buy her car, or taken the bribe, as they have zero tolerance for the bribe. Vandana says 1 min and brings the papers and says she had given the Advertisement and Guard Krishnakant approach her on the website, and then the Bank has taken care of the loan. Kashvi checks the papers and says ok. Vandana looks on. Arjun tells Karun that he is wise like him and tells that he didn’t get the idea. He asks Constable to call Inspector. Inspector comes there. Arjun tells him that this sketch is of Natasha. Inspector doesn’t believe him and goes. Karun asks Arjun not to worry and tells that he will show the sketch to Kashvi. Kashvi comes there. She tells him that she didn’t find anything till now, as the guard has taken the loan to buy car from Vandana Shah. She says she can’t find any proofs till now to prove his innocence. Karun comes there and tells that he has found way to find the proof and shows natasha’s sketch to Kashvi. Kashvi gets shocked and tells that just now she met her and she told her name as Vandana Shah. She tells that Vandana has sold her car to the guard who was guarding the arms and ammunition that night. Arjun says it is a big conspiracy, and tells that she was acting helpless and requested me to drop her home, and she told her name as Natasha. Kashvi tells that she will go and meet Vandana and will take him out from jail. She takes Karun to drop him home. She asks Karun to go home with Mahesh uncle and have icecream on the way. Karun says he will not have it until Dad is freed. He goes with the driver Mahesh. Kashvi goes to Vandana’s house and knocks on the door. She thinks if she has eloped being afraid that she will be caught.

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Mahima is driving the car in inebriated state while Vishal asks her to let him drive the car. Mahima is drunk and drives rashly. The Servant opens the door and says Vandana went to market. Kashvi asks him to call her and asks when she is coming. Vandana is standing on the road. Mahima hits her with the car and she falls down on the road. Vishal asks Mahima to drive the car fast. They flee as people gather. The Servant says she is not picking the call. Kashvi asks him to give the number and call on her number. She thinks if she fled, and thinks why she didn’t get the idea of sketch before, if she had made the sketch, then would have interrogated Vandana when she met her. She asks the Servant to inform her when Vandana comes, and don’t tell her else she will send her to jail. She calls someone and asks to meet.

Mahima cries and says I did that girl’s accident. Vishal says nobody saw us, we shall check the car. They get down and see the car having blood on the name plate. Vishal washes the blood from the car. Mahima cries. Vishal asks her to calm down and says only we know about the accident, asks her not to worry.

Kashvi meets the hacker, who tells that the phone is on low network area. He finds the location and says the person is in City Hospital, Faridabad. Kashvi is shocked.

Precap: kashvi reaches the hospital and finds that someone hit Vandana with the car and fled. Inspector says we found Vandana here injured. Mahima and Vishal are taken to the PS. Arjun confronts Mahima and asks what she was doing with Vishal. Kashvi tells Arjun that Natasha met with an accident and is quite critical.