Jhanak 14th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s haldi function

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The Episode starts with Shrishti saying Jhanak is getting married in a big family, so Arshi is happy. Anirudh says yes, Appu said right. Arshi asks what do you mean. Bipasha asks them to come for rasam. Tanuja says we will get haldi for Jhanak, they don’t have this rasam. Bipasha says I have already prepared haldi for Jhanak. Arshi says I m having fun. Dadi says its fun in Bengali marriage rasams. Bipasha asks Parvati to get the haldi. Parvati gets the haldi bowl. Appu says give it to me. The haldi falls over Anirudh. Everyone looks on.

Parvati says sorry, Appu came in between. Anjana says Anirudh, go and change clothes. Anirudh says I will go later. Choton jokes. Anirudh asks what do you mean. Choton asks Parvati to take the haldi. Parvati takes the haldi from Anirudh’s hand. She takes it to Jhanak. Arshi says you should have been careful. Dadi says its okay. Anjana says we will do Jhanak’s haldi now. Dadi says I need five suhaagan women, Shrishti, you also come. Shrishti says no. Dadi says we need two suhaagans. Anjana says you can also do it. Dadi says yes, I forgot, we will call a neighbor Suhaagan, Mamta, come. They do the rituals and apply haldi to Jhanak.

Jhanak cries. Dadi says there is one more rasam. She guides Jhanak. Jhanak follows the customs. They pour water over Jhanak. Is lamhe ka….plays… Anirudh watches this. Tanuja insults Jhanak. Anirudh says I will go and take a bath. Appu says yes, go, you got haldi. Choton says yes, rasam is done, you and Jhanak got the same haldi. Anirudh says I didn’t understand. Choton says I m happy, haldi fell over you. Appu says go and have a bath, go.

Choton says wash off the haldi with soap. He smiles. Anirudh goes. Shrishti talks to Tanuja and everyone about Anirudh’s mistake. Bipasha says Jhanak came in our life as storm, but couldn’t break Anirudh and Arshi’s relationship, Arshi also loves him a lot. Shrishti says one has to make sacrifices in life and give commitment. Arshi says don’t talk about this. Tanuja says yes, just one night left then we will just discuss Anirudh and your marriage. Shrishti says I need to tell something, Avinash’s dad is serious, don’t worry, marriage won’t get cancelled. She lies to them. Bipasha says its good, Jhanak will leave the house after marriage. Anirudh gets a guitar. He plays music and sings Tere mere darmiyaan…. Jhanak hears him and comes to his room.

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Anirudh cries. Jhanak also cries and holds him. He sees her and gets shocked. Tanuja says you were telling about some rasam, will Avinash do the rasam. Shrishti says yes, else he won’t accept the marriage, the groom will stay under the veil till marriage completes, Avinash won’t show his face, we will manage it, I m telling this so that nobody questions him at the time of marriage. Tanuja says fine, we have no problem. Arshi says Jhanak might want to see the groom’s face. Shrishti says she has to follow the rules of that family. Tanuja says yes, she is characterless, she is lucky to get such a big family. Arshi asks where is Anirudh. Bipasha says he is at home. Arshi says Jhanak is ready. Shrishti says go and see Anirudh, make him ready and get him downstairs, Avinash will come, I will call him and ask where is he. Tanuja says ask about his dad also. Shrishti says he will keep his promise, don’t worry. Anirudh says you here… Jhanak says yes, I have worn the gifts given by you and thought to show it to you once. He looks at her bridal dress. She says I want your blessings. Anirudh asks did you accept this marriage. She says yes, they will keep me happy. He says don’t worry for my tears, you always make mistakes. She says don’t shout now, I m going today forever. They argue and cry.
The episode ends