Mangal Lakshmi 13th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ishana gets suspended from the school

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Scene 1
Kusum says I will find a proposal this week only. Ishana gets an upset stomach. She says my stomach is hurting a lot. She says I can’t go to school. Mangla says let me get you a tea. Akshar laughs. He says she’s scared of her paper. She ate chocolate. She said her paper is tough. Adit asks Ishana you don’t wanna give your paper? Mangal says be honest with us so we can help you. Ishana says you won’t understand. She says papa trigonometry is very tough. I did all the lessons but I can’t do the rest. He says you’re telling me that now? One day before the paper. She says I just saw the sylalbaus. I don’t know the syllabus had tringometry too. She cries and says I will fail. Mangal says you’re very smart. Papa will teach you. You will learn trig.. Adit says you can’t even rponouce it. Adit sas don’t worry it’s not that though. I can teach you. He says I will teach you a trick. Mangl says see, papa will solve our problem. You can share any problem with your panerts. Neverr run away from your troubles.

Adit teaches Ishana. She’s sleepy. Akshar laughs. Mangal says Akshar don’t disturb her. She gives her milk. Lakshmi calls, Mangal tells her Ishana has a trigo.. paper. Adit is teaching her. Lakshmi says I was busy inn work. Mangal says you sound weakk. Did you eat? Mangal says I did. Lakshmi recalls Shanti asking her to fast. Lakshmi says I got you all in trouble.. Now amma is also looking for a proposal. Mangal says she cares a lot for you. I am glad she took the responsibility. She will find the best proposal for you. Ishana hugs Adit and thanks him.

Scene 2
Somiya and Adit go out on a date. Adit brings coffee for her. Mangal calls Adit. Somiya says these people keep annoying her. No one would come between us. She turns off his phone. Adit gives her the coffee. Kusum says I hope ishana’s paper goes well. Papa asks Mangal how is Lakshmi? She says better. Kusum says Shanti keeps bothering her all the time. She’s not good with her. Mangal says I hope she gets married soon ina  good house. Do you have someone in your eyes? Kusum says yes. Mangal says do we know him? Kusum says yes. Ishana’s school calls. Mangal is worried. Mangal says what? She says we’re coming. Mangal says Ishana’s teacher caught her cheatig in the school. They are calling her papeents. They’re saying they would rusticate her. Ishana can never do that. She cries and says let me call Adit. He will talk to their school. Mangal calls Adit but his phone is off. Somiya says no one would interrupt us here. My Adit will be with me here. Adit says my phone is vibrating. Shesays your wife is calling. Let me go out of the car. Adit says no one is more important than you. He turns off the phone. Mangal keeps calling. Mangl says Adit is ina  meeting I think. I’ve to go to school. Ishana must be tesned.

Scene 3
Gayatri and Karthik meet Jiya and her mom. Her mom says we should do the engagement. Gayatri says why so soon? Herr mom says they’ve been dating for 2 years. He was scared hence he didn’t tell you. Gayatri says Karthik only hides things he has doubts about. Maybe he wasn’t sure if this relationship is good. Jiya’s mom says they both wanna get engaged. I don’t think they have any doubts. Jiya has to go to USA for 40 days, she has dance shows. They’re both so talented. Made for each other. She says they both think we should do the engagement asap. Gayatri says i need sometime to think. Jiya’s mom says why? The kids want it. We will arrange everything. Nothing is difficult. We should think about our kids. Karthik requests Gayatri. She agrees. Jiya’s mom hugs her and congratulates her.

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Scene 4
Sonu brings Lakshmi tea. He says I bought you favorite biscuits as well. She says I don’t want it. He asks did Shanti say anything? he says have some tea. Shanti comes there. She drops the tea. It burns Lakshmi’s hand. Shanti says you will be cursed. Youre having tea here? lakshmi sas I didn’t drink it. Shanti says I saw it myself. Baba ji asked you to fast and you’re having tea here. Lipika says she’s insulting baba ji. Sonu says who baba ji? He says that’s why she wasn’t eating. Let me tell Mangal. Shanti says you work for us. Mind your own business. Lakshmi says please don’t say anything to him. Shanti says stay in your limits. She says to Lakshmi come to baba ji with me.

Mangal comes to the school. The Principal says Ishana this wasn’t expected from you. Ishana says I didn’t cheat ma’am. I am telling the truth. She cries. Mangal says she an never do that. The Principal says I am sorry we have all the reasons to rusticate her. We have zero tolerate policy against cheting. Mangal can’t understand English. The principal says she has been a bright student but we can’t tolerate this. Mangal says please speak in Hindi. She says I don’t know English. ishana feels embarrassed.

Adit sas to Somiya now we’re at office. Givemy phone. She says you couldn’t say without her right? You want to talk to your wife right? He says no one can be like you. Adit sees missed calls from the school.. He says oh God. Why were they calling. I couldn’t even see. Mom, Mangal everyone called. He calls Mangal. Somiya says I.. He asks her to be quiet. Mangal says please don’t rusticate her. She can never cheat. The Principal says all parents think that but we have to take an action. We have to suspend her. Ishana cries. She says please call papa. Mangal says please once listen to me.

Shanti comes to the baba ji and says she broke her fast. She had tea. She is cursed. Lakshmi says he’s fooling you. He is a fake baba. Baba says bring cold iced water. He throws flowers on Lakshmi. Shanti says take her curse out. He throws cold water on Lakshmi. Lakshmi cries.

Episode ends