Udne Ki Aasha 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Paresh apologizes to Sayali

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The Episode starts with Juhi says you have made a sacrifice for the family, I will help you. Sayali says no, mum is with me, we will manage the house expenses, I have promised dad to fulfill his every incomplete dream, when you both keep your first class degree in front of dad’s pic, then we will win, study hard if you want to help me, we have to make his name shine, we will do it. They hold hands. Paresh and Kishor come there. Sayali greets and asks do you know my dad. Paresh says yes. He cries and asks who is Sayali. She says its me. Alok says he was taking your name repeatedly. She asks when, how do you know my dad. He says he came in front of the train and died, I m the engine driver of that train, he died and I lost my peace, I know the family becomes an orphan after losing a father, I can’t get him back but if I can help you, then maybe I get some peace.

He gives the money to Shubha. He says we can’t put a price for someone’s life, I know, if you accept this…. Shubha shouts we don’t want anyone’s pity, get out of here. She scolds him. Sayali says its not his mistake. Kishor says stop blaming him, Alok came in front of the running train, its legal offence, don’t know what was his mental state. Paresh asks him to calm down, let them vent their anger and slap him. Paresh says forgive me if you can, I can’t fill your father’s place, if you make me a part of your family, maybe I can repent. She says I don’t know if Shubha has a brother, but I regard you my sister, you can hate me, but I promise, I will always stand by your family as your brother. Sayali asks what did dad tell you. He says he was taking your name till his last breath, he loved you a lot, I wish he gets soul peace. Sayali cries and asks Alok to come back. Paresh and Kishor leave. Shubha and everyone hug. They all cry. A broker comes and tells Renu about the land deal. Paresh says I got retired, my settlement money has just demand, I don’t want to buy any land. Renu says Tejas and Akash will buy many properties. He asks about Tejas’ marriage. She praises Tejas. He says I will find a girl for Tejas. He tells about a good alliance. Renu says I want the best alliance for my son, he is very educated, his wife will become the first bahu. The broker says send me his profile. She gives him some money and says I want good alliance for Tejas. Tejas comes. Renu says he is my Tejas. Tejas asks her to go inside, she will get tanned. Renu says he is so caring. She goes. The broker says you are that Tejas. Tejas pays him money and says go away, don’t tell about my flat. The broker says I won’t tell that I gave you the flat on rent, I may tell about the girl. Tejas pays him more money. Sayali gets Dilip to the college. The guys call him a thief and insult him. Dilip says I know they will tease me. Sayali asks will you leave studies now. He says my goal is to earn money, education isn’t needed. She says education gets respect, come with me. She asks the peon about principal. Peon says you came for Dilip’s admission right, principal has come. Principal asks why isn’t your daughter coming for work, my daughter’s delivery happened and she needs help, arrange some other maid. Sayali greets the principal. He sees Dilip and scolds him. She says don’t punish him, I m his sister, he regrets his mistake, he will never do this, forgive him. He says your brother has ruined our college reputation, I won’t take him back. She says we have already paid a big price, our dad passed away, please take him back in the college. Principal says I can’t put the students future in risk. He goes. She talks to the peon. Peon says his mood isn’t good, talk to him later, he doesn’t have a maid and he is worried. She asks for his address. Peon tells her. She thinks.

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The goon troubles Sayali. Paresh looks on. He says I have found a girl, Sayali. Sachin helps Sayali. She refuses to take his help.