Aankh Micholi 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rukmani takes a stand for Prisha

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The Episode starts with Rukmani recalling Piyush’s words. She goes to Sumedh’s tea stall and does the puja. Sumedh says I will give you Nek soon, you wanted to tell me something. Rukmani goes. He says why is she upset with me, did I make any mistake. Rupal praises Sumedh. She says I feel holi won’t be the same. Kesar says my family’s happiness can’t fade, its Rukmani’s first holi, Rukmani, you go to Maayka and complete Pagphere rasam, wear a heavy work saree. Rukmani nods. She goes to her room. Sumedh comes. Rukmani is sad. She gets ready. Shivani sees Rukmani and says Rukmani had ruined my hard work, I m so hurt. Bhavin says I had to beat you to show Kesar, I m stealing money only for you, I thought this tea store will be ours, now I think Kesar will give her everything to Sumedh and Rukmani. Shivani says no, I have to win respect in Kesar’s eyes and spoil Rukmani’s respect. Prisha says I have worked hard for the exams, I will get first class, I wanted 5000rs for the fees. Kesar says you won’t even get 5rs, enough of studies now, become the kitchen queen now. Prisha says I had gone to study, not to party, Shivani lied. Kesar says Shivani is a liar, but Sumedh never lies, he said you had gone to party, what will you do of degree, look at Rukmani, she is a graduate, we don’t care for her degree, you make round rotis, tell the truth and learn to respect elders. Prisha cries and argues.

The food plate falls. Kesar catches her to slap. Rukmani holds her hand. She says its wrong. Kesar asks how dare you stop my hand, I know right and wrong, I m giving you the first and last warning, don’t dare to hold my hand. Rukmani says sorry, its not wrong, Prisha is asking for her education rights. Kesar says no, but no one has a right to lie about it. Rukmani says I know she did wrong, it will be more wrong if you don’t let her write exams, she wants to study. Kesar says my decision matters in my house. Rukmani sees Sumedh. Kesar says he doesn’t have courage to tell anything in front of me, he knows the house rules, thank you. Prisha goes. Sumedh says Mama ji will take you to your Maayka for Pagphere. Rukmani says I will go myself. Kesar says you won’t go alone, you are our bahu, Bhavin will drop you and Sumedh will come to pick you. Sumedh takes food for Prisha. Rupal says Rukmani already took food for her, she is caring like you. Rukmani asks Prisha to have food. Prisha says I want to study and become independent, is this a lie. Shivani says Kesar controls everyone, he is her blind devotee, he will do whatever she says. Prisha says Sumedh left studies and started making tea, just for Kesar, he won’t understand my dreams, you also get habitual to keep silent, Sumedh will never stand for you, he is just like Kesar. Rukmani cries and goes. She sees Sumedh at the tea store. Sumedh gets sweets and asks her to take it to her Maayka. He goes. She recalls everything and cries.

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Rukmani scolds Bakula and Sonal. She says I m dead, Maa. Sumedh comes home and sees Rukmani’s pic as the IPS officer.