Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Arjun wants to celebrate holi with Kashvi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Everyone is dancing and celebrating holika. Arjun looks at Kashvi. Aditya comes and stands with Kashvi. Arjun gets upset and goes. Monty takes Adi to dance. Kashvi comes to Arjun and asks if he is fine. Arjun asks if Aditya didn’t come. He says he is fine. She tells that she had gone to his room searching Karun and found the scorpion in his shoe, so she threw it out of window. Arjun thanks Kashvi for being his savior and life. He says you saved my life, but how the scorpion came in my room. Kashvi says may be from outside. Aditya gets upset and thinks why Kashvi likes Arjun. Everyone does holika puja. Arjun is doing puja and aarti alone. He then gives aarti plate to Kashvi. Kashvi does the aarti. Aditya is about to take the plate, when Karun takes the aarti plate and tries to do aarti. He says plate is very heavy…Arjun and Kashvi hold the aarti plate and do puja with Karun. Yeh hai chahatein plays….Arjun asks Kashvi to come tomorrow to celebrate holi. Mahima says they must be busy and have their own plans being the newly married. Aditya says we have no plans, and tells that he wants to celebrate holi with them. He tells Kashvi that he will bring car and goes.

Arjun takes Kashvi from there and tells that he wants to fulfill his chahatein…..He asks her to come ready for holi and tells that he will apply color to her face. Kashvi says you used to apply color to me 5 years back and now Aditya will apply color to my face. Arjun says I am back and will apply color to your face first. Kashvi says lets see and goes. She smiles and gets emotional.

In the house, Kashvi asks Adi why he was so good there. He asks if I am not good. Kashvi says you had agreed to celebrate holi with them. Adi says his happiness likes in her happiness and he knows that her family is in Arjun’s house. Kashvi says he is her best friend and hugs him. Aditya says he wants her to think this way, as when he kills Arjun, she shall not doubt him.

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Next day Mahima asks Arjun to be in control as kashvi is in control. She says I know well that you don’t love me, but I am your wife. She asks Arjun if he heard. He says he didn’t hear her nonsense and goes. Mahima hopes that Kashvi wouldn’t have come in their lives.

Adi comes to Kashvi and is about to apply color to her. She stops him and says we are going to Bajwa house, and shall apply color there. She asks him to apply her color after reaching there. Aditya understands that Kashvi wants Arjun to apply color to her first. Kashvi thinks if she wants Arjun to apply color to her first.

Arjun waits for Kashvi to come. Kashvi comes there. She greets Dadi and others and asks about Karun. Someone says he is there. Kashvi goes. Arjun comes behind her to apply color…but she stops him and pushes him, he falls on the color plate. Kashvi laughs at him and says he is looking like monkey. She asks if he felt bad. Arjun says when his Kashvi has applied color to his face, then he will also apply color to her first. She says no. He says I am your Arjun and you are my Kashu. Kashvi says I will feel bad.

Precap: Arjun runs behind Kashvi to apply her color. Mahima gets upset that nobody stopped them. Romila advices her to make Arjun drink bhang and get impregnated with his child for real. Kashvi is about to apply color to Aditya, when Arjun lifts her and puts her in the color water. Adi mixes something in the water so that Arjun feels pain.