Udaariyaan 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Harleen unites Ekam and Nehmat

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Udaariyaan 30th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Harleen asking Ekam to remarry her. She says you are my husband, I don’t like to stay away like a stranger. Ekam says I don’t understand what you are saying. Renuka cries and worries for Ekam. Harleen says we will marry once again. Alia says come, Maa has got a new dress for you. Ekam says we will marry later. Satti and Renuka also try to delay the marriage. Harleen says I just want your blessings. She taunts Nehmat. She says Ekam, its imp to do, I want to stay well with Alia and you, change and come. Harleen takes Ekam. Ekam sees Nehmat. Nimmo says we will talk to Harleen, I don’t want wrong to happen with Nehmat. Nehmat says she isn’t fine, if we tell her, her health will get bad, she is Ekam’s wife, Ekam and my marriage doesn’t mean anything now, we have to do this for Alia. Ekam comes for the marriage. Harleen asks Nehmat to do the gathbandhan ritual.

She asks Alia to tell Nehmat. Alia tells Nehmat to do it. Nehmat does the gathbandhan. Ekam gets up and says I can’t do this marriage.

Harleen asks Ekam are you not feeling well. He says I m fine. She asks why are you tense, tell me if there is any problem, we are husband and wife. Harleen laughs at them and says you all are great actors, what did you think Ekam, I will never know it, you and Nehmat got married, say it, have courage to say the truth if you can dare to backstab me, tell me. She scolds them.

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She says you all think I m also a liar and cheat like Jasmin, Ekam promised me that he won’t cheat me again, I respected him, today he cheated me, you all think I m wrong, because I m asking for my husband and daughter, you both cheated me, how am I wrong in this.

Harleen says what is not mine, I will not make it mine. She says you both are made for each other, I m doing what you both want, trust me, I m doing this with all my heart. She unites them. She asks Nehmat to sit in the mandap. She asks Alia to call Nehmat her mumma. Nehmat hugs Alia. Satti hugs Harleen. Harleen asks everyone to bless Ekam and Nehmat. She thinks Nehmat, Ekam and Alia united, I m left alone, Alia will hurt you like you have hurt me.

The episode ends