Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update : Will Tiwari romance Maryada?


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Angoori gardening. Vibhu walks to her and greets her and asks why does she look off. Angoori says I am just missing my family home. Vibhu says call and talk to them or video call them. Angoori says yes but just that it makes me emotional. Vibhu says you shouldn’t cry on past memories but happily remember them. Angoori says when I am sad I cry I just can’t help. Vibhu says I will teach you control emotions. Angoori says so whenever Anu throws you out or everyone calls you unemployed you don’t feel bad. Vibhu says yes I do but I know how to avoid these sad feelings. Vibhu gets a call from his aunt and Vibhu starts crying and thorws milk in his hand and rolls on floor and says my sister. Angoori calls David outside.

David rushes to Vibhu and asks whats wrong and takes him inside.
Vibhu crying uncontrollably. Anu asks Angoori does she know what happened exactly. Angoori says he got a call and then he collapsed. Vibhu tells David that Damyanti Aunt had called to talk about Maryada. Vibhu says Maryada is my closest cousin and she has only one week left. Anu asks what happened. Vibhu says she has shriken brain issue and doctor said she can get all the joy and happiness she wants in 3 days.

Vibhu says to Anu, Maryada didn’t find her love, soulmate. Anu says how will you get her that. Vibhu says I will find someone to give her love for 3 days. David says talk to Teeka Tillu. Vibhu says worst she can have is Tiwari and requests Angoori to let Tiwari give his sister love for 3 days. Angoori says okay I will talk to Tiwari.

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Angoori walks to Tiwari to talk to him but he gets romantic with her. Angoori tells him about Maryada and Vibhu’s request. Tiwari scolds Angoori for talking nonsense. Tiwari says he cannot and asks to talk to Teeka and Tillu.

Vibhu meets Angoori and asks did she talk to Tiwari. Angoori says yes she did but Tiwari denied. Vibhu says I will try talking to him. Saxena walks to them and hands his visiting card and says I am a Psychatrist now and you can come to me anytime.

Teeka and Tillu make announcement for discount on their security guard services and offer their services at 50₹/hr
Master, Prem and Gupta enquire about their services. A man walks to Teeka and Tillu and ask if they can offer maid services.

Vibhu drinking gets angry at Tiwari for denying the proposal and thinks about options and says in all these options only Tiwari is a good option and now I will smoothly butter him and convince him. Vibhu calls Tiwari and he joins him.
Tiwari has his drinks. Vibhu starts emotionally black mailing him and starts crying.
Tiwari says I can only pray for her. Vibhu requests him to help his sister.

Pre cap:Tiwari tells Angoori he is ready to
fake love story with Maryada.
Maryada sees Tiwari exercising and tells Anu she is impressed.