Suhaagan 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya and Krish takes the rounds


Suhaagan 30th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Krish crying and thinking about Payal. Chann se jo toote sapna plays…..He cries and thinks of his moments with Payal. He then recalls his words, cries and gets shattered. He thinks why did you do this with me Payal, now I have no confusion, I know your feelings, I wanted you to make you as my bride, but you didn’t want. He says I will marry today itself, irrespective of the bride. Bindiya says I am lucky to get sister like you. Payal thinks she has to get rid of her, and asks her to go, and says rounds will happen now. Bindiya says that’s why I have come to call you. Payal says I will relax and come, I don’t want anyone to see my crying face. Bindiya goes. Payal thinks why Krish haven’t come till now. She calls Nikku. Nikku couldn’t hear her and says Payal. Payal says I can’t let this marriage happen. Baldev hears her and asks who is there. Payal hides thinking if he has heard her. She runs from there and hopes that he didn’t hear her. Baldev thinks who want to stop this marriage. Payal sees the tempo parked there, pulls the shutter and gets inside. Baldev comes there and thinks she has to get rid of this old man and then she has to stop this marriage. The driver comes there and locks the tempo shutter and drives off, while playing the jai mata di bhajan. Payal knocks on the shutter asking driver to stop. Bindiya worries for Payal. Dadi asks her not to worry about her, and concentrate on her marriage. The tempo driver is hearing the song. Payal is knocking on the tempo still and cries saying this marriage can’t happen. She shouts stop.

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Nikku comes to Krish and asks if you talked to Payal. Krish signs him no. Indu sees Krish upset and asks where did his smile vanish suddenly and asks him to say. She says I promise whatever you want, will happen. She asks Nikku, why Krish is hesitant to say. Krish says all the hesitations is over. Pandit ji asks the bride and groom to come and sit for marriage. Krish and Bindiya sit for the marriage. Bindiya worries for Payal. Pandit ji asks Bindiya to keep her right hand in Krish’s right hand. Bindiya follows the instructions. Pandit ji asks who will do kanyadaan. Master ji tells that he will do kanyadaan and folds his hands. Master ji and his wife come forward to do the kanyadaan. Dadi asks Rose to go and check, where is Payal? Payal continues to knock on the shutter, and acts madly. She then tries to call, but the network is not there.

Master ji and his wife do the kanyadaan. Payal stamps on the shutter. The driver hears the sound, but ignores it. Rose tells Dadi that Payal is not there.

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