Udaariyaan 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: A lady claims to be Meher’s mother

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Udaariyaan 27th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raja and Khushi coming to the hospital. Armaan and Aasma hug them. Aasma takes Khushi to Alia. Khushi asks Alia to wake up. Alia wakes up. Raja says we will go home and play with Meher. They bring Alia home. Raja puts Alia on the bed. Armaan comes to Aasma. Aasma says Haniya is waiting, I will go home. She thinks to tell about DNA report. Meher calls them. They go to see. The kids surprise them by a flower shower. They say we will stay here together. Armaan and Aasma see each other. She says I want to talk to you, Haniya is your…. They hear sound. The kids run out of the room and dance. They see the toys. Rano asks who did this. Sukhi says I don’t know. A lady comes there and says I did this. Everyone looks at her. The lady smiles and says I m from team Meher. She cries holding Meher and asks how did you like the surprise, I have done all this for you. Armaan asks who are you. She says Meher is my daughter. Armaan is shocked. He hugs Meher. Meher runs to Aasma. Armaan says she is my daughter, I m her dad, she is living with me since the last five years. She says I know you don’t know his mum, you just got her, she was sinking in the river and you saved her. Meher asks do you know this aunty. The lady says I know everything, I gave her birth. Sukhi asks how can we believe you. The lady says yes, I got all the proof. She shows the pregnancy reports and doctor certificates. She says you can call the doctor and ask how I lost my Meher, when I got conscious, my parents said I gave birth to stillborn baby, I know Meher is alive, I will not let her go away. Armaan asks Meher no to worry. He says maybe you are saying the truth, I m her world, she is just my daughter, I have a right on her. He gives her the cheque book and jewellery. He says you can take my life, I won’t give Meher to anyone. The lady asks Aasma will you give me your daughter if I offer you money. She scolds Armaan.

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She says I m her mum, I can’t stay away from her now, you have done a lot for her, I will give you 48 hours to return her, I m a professional lawyer, I will not delay in taking her, I love her a lot. The lady says I gave her birth, remember this. She goes. Aasma and Armaan cry.

Aasma comes to the hotel to meet the lady. She says I want to know you more, I m Meher’s nurse and friend Haniya’s mumma. The lady says I see. Aasma picks her locket. The lady takes it and says don’t know how it fell. Aasma says I request you to give some more time to that family. She gets a call and asks what happened Haniya, why are you cying, I m coming. The lady says this is called a mother, think about me, you can’t understand, you always had your problem. Aasma recalls losing the baby. She says Meher can’t tolerate this pain, please I request her, don’t make her away. She leaves.

Armaan says I m with you. Meher puts fevicol on their hands and says now no one can separate us. He hugs her. He says I promise, no one can separate us. Everyone cries seeing them. Aasma sees someone at the door. She picks a stick. She sees Armaan and Meher. Armaan says I came here to hide Meher. The lady comes to Gill house with police. She asks about Meher. Sukhi takes them to Armaan’s room. They don’t see Meher and Armaan. Aasma says it’s a crime, don’t worry. Armaan says Meher is my daughter, I won’t let anyone touch her. She gets Ekam’s call. Ekam says everyone knows Armaan has hidden Meher, ask him not to take the law in his hands. They see the news. Aasma asks Armaan what will you do now. Armaan sits by Meher’s side. He asks Aasma to get some food. He takes Meher and runs from the window. Aasma runs after him and asks him to stop. He falls down. Aasma stops the car from hitting them. She ties her dupatta to Meher’s wound. She scolds Armaan. He asks what shall I do, shall I let her run, no, she is my life. The police comes there. They catch Armaan.

The episode ends