Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Nidhi returns to the Luthra Mansion

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The inspector tells Karan that police and one reporter have gotten permission so they are taking the statement of Nidhi and if she tells anyone that she committed suicide due to him then he would be sentenced to a lot of time in prison, hearing this Karan gets worried.

The reporter Shukla asks if they are ready when Nidhi keeps staring at them, Mr Panday sitting in his office says that now Shukla would end the life of Karan with this one interview and they should look at how his wife seems so depressed, the detective praises Mr Panday saying how is it possible that his arrow can miss the mark.

Karan is with the officer in the jeep who says he cannot understand if the court would decide his case or his wife is going to end it right now, Varun and his family is also watching the news.

Daljeet tells Shanaya that if Karan is evicted from the case then she will be married otherwise the wedding will end because they say the son is just like his father, she explains that she likes money but not more then her, an only desires Shanaya should live happily in her married life when Shanaya asks her to not talk like this because she will only marry Shaurya. Palki asks Daljeet to sit down explaining the interview of Nidhi is about to come.

The Luthra family is also sitting when Rakhi prays that the interview of Nidhi should go well as only then would Karan return to their house, Nidhi looking at Preeta remembers when she came back to the Luthra Mansion, Shukla asks Nidhi why did she try to commit suicide, Nidhi thinking of when Karan told her that he only loves Preeta, Karan also in the jeep remembers when Nidhi threatened to commit suicide.. the inspector assures that Nidhi is fine and she should tell him why did she try to commit suicide explaining it is legally a crime and if she did it herself then should be ready to suffer the punishment, while must tell the name of the person due to whom she took this step, he asks if her husband is behind the suicide attempt but Nidhi is quiet so the Inspector once again demands her to tell the name of the person because of whom she took the step, everyone is worried. Nidhi takes the name of Karan hearing which the entire Luthra family gets shocked, Nidhi then clarifies that Karan is not involved in anything that she did, Daljeet is also relieved along with Shanaya and Palki. Nidhi explains she was in a lot of pressure and even taking anti depressants, Daljeet asks Shanaya and Palki to give her a clap.

The officer tells that karan is very lucky as he has been saved, the doctor asks Inspector an the reporters to leave as it is time for her medication and checkup.

In the morning Karan enters the city hospital where he sees Preeta standing in front of him when he slowly starts walking towards Preeta who is smiling, he thanks her for all that she did for his family. Preeta replies she did not do a lot when Nidhi spoke the truth and due to her statement he got the bail, she just said that the decision should be on the statement of Nidhi and she felt peace at heart due to it, Karan asks what does she mean that she is feeling nice looking at him, Preeta replies because she is feeling nice and said what she felt in her heart, she says his family came when Karan turns to see the entire Luthra family walking towards him, Preeta also greets them, and explains she will leave. Shaurya thanks Preeta for all the moral support, kavya also explains that she felt someone whom they know is standing by them, preeta replies she did not do anything of the sort, then Preeta hugs both Shaurya and Kavya before asking them to go with the family.

Bani Dadi enters the room with the rest of the family, Mahesh says that she scare them all, Kavya and Shaurya hug her, Shaurya says that she really freaked him out and she can ask everyone, Nidhi keeps talking of Karan when he enters the room, she apologizes as she caused a lot of pain to them all, Rakhi asks her to not apologize saying they can understand as she has also suffered, Bani Dadi is thanking MataRani for helping them, Daljeet enters explaining they were also very worried about them all and could not eat, Daljeet asks Nidhi if she is fine when Shanaya questions if Shaurya is fine, Palki also asks Kavya who says if everyone is fine then even she is fine, Shaurya asks when can they take back his mom home, the doctor reveals Nidhi can be taken back after two days.

Rakhi opens the door where Nidhi is standing with karan and Shaurya, Rakhi welcomes her back home with the Arti, she even does the ritual, Nidhi kneels to take the blessings but Rakhi stops her, Karina also hugs Nidhi when Kavya hugs her, Nidhi is about to fall but she is caught y everyone, Shaurya asks if she is fine and she assures she is okay, Nidhi keeps staring at Karan who is helping her walk, she is taken to sit on the couch. Kavya gets a call from Varun, who asks about the condition of her mother as she came back from the hospital, Varun tells Kavya that his mother is selecting the jewellery for the wedding but Kavya replies their wedding cannot happen right now due to the condition of Nidhi mom, his mother asks why is he not saying anything but then Kavya ends the call, the mother of Varun asks why is he quiet and not said about the jewellery to Kavya, Varun says that she does not want to get married hearing this his parents get furious when Varun explains that Kavya’ mother just returned, Rama gets furious at them so sits back with her husband who says they will talk about it.

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Preeta is sitting with Gurpreet when karan apologizes for calling her, she asks what is the end to apologize as he just called her when he says he wants to talk with her, she asks if he is fine so he replies he is indeed fine and wanted to tell her that they brought Nidhi back home, Preeta says it is a very good news, she then says she wil come to meet them and ends the call, Rajveer asks where is she going, preeta says to the friends house and then Rajveer mentions even he is going outside, he leaves. Gurpreet asks Preeta why did she lie to her son, she says Gurpreet knows how much he hates that she goes to meet the Luthra’s which is why she desires to go and meet them as Nidhi returned.

Varun is calling his mother in the house but she does not respond so he goes to check her upstairs however cannot even find her there and wonders where did she go, he sees his father coming and asks where is mom, his father replies she will be in the house but Varun replies he checked the entire house. His father says that if the mother of Varun is not in the house then would have definitely went to the Luthra house, Varun says they should wait to see what happens.

Shaurya is with Nidhi in the room when she asks him to go and check Kavya, Preeta knocks on the door and entering asks if she is fine, she says that it happens that when someone is ill then those who are close either bring flowers or fruits so she brought them for her. Nidhi tries to get up but Preeta says she should rest however Nidhi explains Preeta should not show the fake concern, she explains she knows Nidhi can sit up as she is very strong and she might not have seen anyone like her, Preeta explains that she should not be guilty for what happen as sometimes situations come in life that they become weak and donot know what to do or not, so it is nothing to be worried about. Preeta advises nidhi should not let anyone raise any finger on her and she just came to help her, Nidhi starts coughing when Preeta leaves to bring water for her.

Preeta is walking when she sees Rakhi who asks what is she doing here, Preeta explains she had seen Nidhi in such critical condition so she came to meet her, Rakhi says she told Preeta there is no need to meet with the family members and Preeta must not interfere in it, Karan gets furious when Rakhi turns and then karan asks Preeta if she has to go so Preeta says she will give Nidhi water, Karan asks what is the way to talk, Rakhi says even Karan should not interfere in the matters of the house, he should be just the same as he was when Preeta had not returned and they all can handle it so he should stop interfering. Rakhi explains it is very difficult to take care of relations and they all know why did Nidhi try to commit suicide, Rakhi explains she does not want anything happen to Nidhi and it would be better that karan leaves the work of the house to her, she walks away when Karan gets worried.

Girja opens the door to see Shanaya and Palki enter, she leaves to bring water for the when Shaurya also comes to hug Shanaya, she apologizes for meeting him like this and apologizes for not being with him, Shaurya says what could have changed if she came, he says he was expecting Palki to arrive before and as she is the elder then Shanaya would have also come. Shaurya leaves when Shanaya informs that she cannot understand why their mother stopped them from coming.

Nidhi is thinking of when Preeta stopped her from committing suicide, Nidhi exclaims Preeta has not done anything wrong and Karan would always talk of Preeta, Nidhi thinks she should not do like this with her, Preeta brings water for Nidhi who is hesitant however then takes the glass in her hand, Nidhi apologizes to Preeta who asks the reason as she did not do anything wrong, Preeta explain they must move on. Palki and Shanaya also enter to wish Nidhi when Shanaya asks how is she doing, Palki explains they are actually feeling nice to see her fine, palki says this is why they thought about meeting her, Nidhi thanks them all when karan enters the room calling Nidhi, he is shocked to see everyone but Nidhi just keeps staring at him.