Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Heer is shocked to find out Jarnail is alive.

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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 27th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Teji and Jeet enter the hall together. Heer tries to appear happy. Rajwinder praises them as a couple and calls Heer to start the sangeet ceremony with her dance. Jeet also insists that she dances to show how happy she is for her best friend’s marriage. Heer agrees and begins dancing to song. Jasmin admires Heer’s strength and sacrifices for love. Everyone applauds Heer, and even the kids join her.

Teji and Jeet also dance with veils. Someone in a veil dances around Heer. Beant tells Jasmin he feels guilty seeing the end of Heer and Jeet’s story. Jasmin wishes Heer had confessed her feelings to Jeet. Rajwinder asks Heer for money, so she goes to get it from the locker. The person in the veil pulls out a gun and follows Heer. Gurmeet tells Jasmin they have the right to ask Jeet for money as he grew up with them. The person in the veil points the gun at Heer. Meanwhile, Jeet feels uneasy and senses something bad is about to happen. He notices the extinguished lamp and lights it up.

Heer skillfully takes the gun from the person and follows him. Jeet searches for Heer, but Gurmeet stops him. Heer remembers the previous attack when Kuldeep got hurt and hopes Jeet doesn’t become the next victim. She realizes Jarnail is still alive and might be the attacker. She decides to find him without letting Jeet know. Jeet gets called by Rajwinder to the ceremony.

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Heer drops marbles in the garden, causing the attacker to fall, revealing himself as Jarnail. She’s shocked to find out he’s alive and attacked her. Heer returns to the function and informs everyone about Jarnail being alive and having just seen him. She explains that Jarnail even fired a bullet at her. Rajwinder suggests it might be a misunderstanding, but Heer insists they find Jarnail. However, Rajwinder tries to distract her. Heer insists on uncovering the attacker’s face.

Teji wonders how destiny can play such a cruel joke on Heer. Rajwinder pleads with Heer to stop the drama and not remind Teji of her deceased husband. Heer keeps insisting on unveiling the attacker. Jeet agrees to do as she says, but the eunuch defends Jarnail, making excuses to keep his face hidden. Another eunuch lifts the veil, revealing someone else with a burnt face.

Precap: None