Udaariyaan 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma puts up a play

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Udaariyaan 1st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma talking to Deepak. He asks her to remember his words, she should keep love and relations high, but never lower her self-respect. Kabir comes and greets. Aasma scolds him for barging into the room. Kabir says I m your friend, why are you both upset. She stops him. Aasma meets Alia and says I don’t know how will Armaan and family react to this pregnancy news. She welcomes Ekam and family. Armaan and Kabir come and greet.

Armaan talks to Deepak on call and says I will come until the surgery time. Alia thinks is Aasma fooling me. She recalls Aasma’s words. She takes Armaan aside and says I think Aasma doubts us. He asks did she tell you something, go, we will talk later. He says I have to tell the truth to Aasma, once Deepak’s surgery happens well. Ekam says we are excited to see what Aasma does this time. Sukhi says yes, she is special to us. Aasma says you all are special to me. She does shayari. Kabir says wow, nice poetry. Neetu says we didn’t know you have this talent, one more.

Aasma talks to Armaan while doing poetry and taunts him and Alia. Kabir says amazing, Armaan, you also give her a reply. Armaan says I have no talent, I will recite two lines of a Ghazal. He also does shayari. Everyone applauds. Aasma says Alia, Armaan told me everything, sit down, show is going to start. Alia asks what. Aasma goes on the stage. She says we are going to watch a show today. The play begins. The actors take Armaan and Alia along with them towards the stage. Aasma shows her story and also Armaan and Alia’s love story. Armaan and Alia watch the play and cry. Aasma wears a mask and comes on the stage. She recalls Armaan and Alia’s cheat. She dances on the stage. She says I have to fight for my self esteem, and make them admit the truth, they always lied to me, I can’t tolerate this strike on my self esteem. Armaan gets a call and goes. Aasma thinks he got scared of the truth. Doctor asks Armaan to come, Deepak’s surgery is going to start. Armaan leaves.

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Armaan donates the blood to Deepak. Aasma drops the bangle near Alia. Alia gets worried. She thinks she is fooling everyone, I will remove her mask. Aasma stops Alia and asks what happened, come with me, watch till the end, I have to make an announcement also. Alia says you were on the stage, don’t lie, you were dancing. Aasma denies it. Armaan asks doctor how is Deepak. Doctor says he is fine, surgery went successful. Armaan says its time to fix the wrong, I will tell the truth to everyone. Alia asks are you going to tell the pregnancy news or trying to expose your husband’s truth. Aasma says you are overacting. Alia says you are doing this to make me accept the truth. Aasma says you can tell me if there is anything. She thinks Armaan left, but you have to tell the truth, I will announce the pregnancy news. She goes and prays. She says they lied to me and cheated me, forgive me, I m going to lie to my family. Alia says if you are pregnant, then I will lose Armaan forever.

The episode ends