Barsatein 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna and Reyansh’s tiff

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The Episode starts with Jai and Aradhna leaving. They talk about Reyansh and Kimaya. He says he won’t let you win so easily, you know his madness. She says drop me here, I have some work. She goes to the bar and orders whisky. Reyansh sees her and asks what about your good girl image. She asks why can’t I drink if you can drink, what do you want, when will you stop. He says you can’t play the game like this, you didn’t care after begging to me in front of everyone, you got corrupt, you cared for your image before, what will you do now, tell Viren that I came to take revenge on him, I won’t step back, I will ruin anyone who comes in my way, you made my heart a stone, I will never come after you. He leaves. she runs after him and says you can’t get rid of me, I m your part, our hearts are the same. He says get away from me. She says we are made from a single thread, we both will fall down. He says try and see. O saajna…plays… They go either ways. She reaches home. She thinks of him. Reyansh comes and says I will lose even if you lose or win, love is left behind, its just our memories and anger, I will go, you can wait, look at the clock, I m waiting for you, my love. She imagines him. She thinks I have to handle Reyansh, I can’t leave him, happy birthday, Reyansh. Reyansh wakes up and sees Aradhna coming to confess feelings to him. She says I m ready to burn, decision is yours, happy birthday. She leaves. She cries and says I m burning in your love, I didn’t think of anything, not about my respect and pain, I can’t marry you, it will also break my sister’s heart, I will become very bad that Khanna family will spit on me and throw me out of their houses and hearts, but you have to leave Kimaya, I can do anything for it.

Its morning, Reyansh greets Beena. She says its your birthday today, right. He says yes, I missed you a lot. She says you got more cute now. Aradhna comes. Beena says I will go and get the cake for you. She goes. Reyansh says you asked me to forget everything, I realized I m hurting you and me by marrying Kimaya. He asks what happened, you have no madness like me, Reyansh Lamba is just one, not everyone can become like me. She says I m more stubborn like you. He says alright then, we will see who is mighty. Kriti comes to meet Jai. He argues with her. He says I m tied up, I do whatever you say. She says keep the deal, do the happy love couple acting, else Aradhna will get punished. He gets a call. He asks what, I got that house, that’s amazing, I took it for Aradhna and myself, my dreams shattered, you give that house to someone else now. Kimaya comes to the office to meet Reyansh. She wishes him happy birthday and asks how do I look.

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He asks her to sit. Aradhna and Vikram look on. She says I have to end Reyansh’s misunderstanding. She goes to meet Kimaya. She compliments her. Kimaya says I tried to get ready like you. Aradhna says no, we are twinning, come, I will help you. Kimaya gets the cake. Aradhna says whatever happened last night, I m sorry. Kimaya says I don’t want to talk about it, Reyansh chose a girl like me, how, I try to become suitable for him. Aradhna says you are really good. Kimaya says this is confusing me more, Reyansh respects you, I also want to respect you. Aradhna says you are pretty, you don’t need to change for Reyansh’s sake, you are you… Kimaya says Angad’s family made me realize that I m ugly. Aradhna says you trust them and not yourself. Kimaya says Reyansh is a big reporter, why did he choose me, you and Reyansh are equal, I m nowhere. Aradhna thinks I don’t want to hurt you, trust me, I want to save you from Reyansh and his madness. Reyansh comes and sees them. He says Kimaya, you will look good in suits. He makes her wear the specs and says you are original now. He cuts the cake and feeds it to Kimaya. Vikram says sorry, I know you are hurt. Aradhna says Reyansh is fooling Kimaya. Reyansh hugs Kimaya.
Everyone sees Aradhna and Reyansh’s video. Jai asks who can do this disgusting thing. Aradhna says Reyansh. Malini scolds Aradhna for cheating them. Kimaya slaps Aradhna.