Radha Mohan 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini and Kaveri plan to erase all of the proofs


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The nurse is taking the blood from Radha who sees Gungun in the other room, Radha calls to her Ba Kai Bihari jee saying he should not break her belief , she starts praying while closing her eyes.

Damini is furious to see the photo of Radha and Mohan exclaiming that everything got ruined because she tied a lot but was not able to stop them both from wining the competition and even wonders where is her mother Kaveri along with Bhushan uncle and Mohit.

Kaveri is trying to listen to the nurses who are talking that the girl in the ICU would not be able to survive so she is feeling bad for her family, Kaveri starts dancing when Bhushan asks her to stop but when she does not listen then Bhushan says she might have gotten mad after fearing the death of Gungun, Kaveri suggests that they both should also dance with her because she heard that Gungun is about to die at any moment, Bhushan asks if she has lost her mind and the Trivedi’s have kept them here because they tried to kidnap her and now would even suspect they are behind her accident so will surely try to find the proof, Mohit says that Radha and Mohan love Gungun a lot and would do anything for her, Kaveri gets worried thinking what would happen to them, Bhushan gets suspicious asking if Damini is the one who did the accident when Kaveri asks who else did they think will hit Gungun with the car, Bhushan gets worried saying that now Mohan would not leave them and even that small Radha is going to take the avatar of Mahakali and start beating both him and Mohit but hearing this Mohit says he will go and tell the truth that he does not have to do anything with it because he is the uncle of Gungun and loves her a lot, so cannot do anything of the sort. Kaveri exclaims Mohit is showing love for Gungun so is thinking of escaping from here, Kaveri warns that if they get trapped then even he will be trapped in this blame because she is even very experienced in making plans. Kaveri explains there is just one way to get out of here that they all get rid of all the proofs otherwise both Radha and Mohan would surely get rid of them, Bhushan gets worried thinking what if they end them all like Rawan, kaveri suggests they should get out from here even if they have to jump from the second floor so why not they get rid of the proofs both kaveri and Bhushan see the door.

Rahul asks Ajeet what should they do about the three of them when Ajeet replies they can deal with them later but Rahul should pray that the blood group of Radha and Gungun should match, Radha prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that her blood group should be a match for Gungun and he must do it for her, Tulsi exclaims that Ba Kai Bihari jee will surely do it as he has to support them since he is their last support, Mohan asks what sort of test is Ba kai Bihari jee taking as they won on one side while are about to lose everything on the other side so he prays that nothing should happen to Gungun, Tulsi agrees mentioning nothing will happen to Gungun. Ketki is crying so Ajeet goes to her, someone is slowly taking pictures of the entire Trivedi family while they are standing in the hallway.

The person is giving information about the entire Trivedi family one by one and explains that Kadambari Trivedi is the one who runs the company while her husband Vishwaniyat does not have much say in the family and is even a heavy drinker while both Rahul and Ajeet do not do anything but are very lazy while Ketki only knows about doing makeup. The person finally shows the photo for Mohan and Radha explaining Mohan is the owner of Trivedi publication while they both are the strong pillars of Trivedi family because they do not let any problem ruin their family. They discuss that both Radha and Mohan are the perfect candidate for their mission because they have just won the competition when the person explains it will all end if their daughter dies so they should make sure that nothing happens to their daughter as they need to make sure that the entire country listens to the sound of their crackers before Diwali.

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The nurse comes out giving Radha the report of her blood test when the doctor says she was right as miracles happen when they believe in it so her blood group has been matched with that of Gungun, Mohan says that now Radha even has a blood relation with Gungun but must not be worried, Radha immediately leaves with the nurse saying they can take even the last drop of her blood but make sure her daughter survives.

Damini angrily asks Kaveri where was she all this time, kaveri replies that she does not know what has happened to them so explains the entire situation about how they went to kidnap Gungun but then were caught by the Trivedi family and they locked them all in the room. Damini gets worried explaining now Radha and Mohan are not going to let them get away so easily but Kaveri says there is one way that they should get rid of all the proofs so Damini agrees.

The doctor tells Mohan they have to see how Gungun reacts to this treatment when Radha assures that now Gungun is going to be fine, she tries to go to her but Radha says that her daughter needs the support of her mother so how can she stay here, Mohan also agrees with Radha but tells the doctor he is going to stay by the side of Radha.

Kaveri and Damini both start walking out of the Trivedi Mansion while holding the kerosene cans, Bhushan and Mohit are shocked to see them both leaving.

The doctor comes out when Radha asks him if Gungun is fine but he says that he cannot do anything now hearing which the entire family is shocked and the condition of Gungun did not improve even after giving the blood because her internal bleeding has not stopped., Mohan and kadambari ask what is he saying as there is something which they can do, Radha asks Kadambari to let it go hearing which everyone is stunned, Radha mentions the doctor is saying the truth and now he cannot do anything so Mohan asks what is she saying, Radha replies that there are times in life when even the most reputed doctors are not able to do anything, science is not able to do anything but it is also the truth that all the medicines in the world can fail but the love of a mother and her strength can never fail. Radha says the doctor did whatever he could but now she is going to save her Gungun. Radha says Mohan said that today she has formed a blood relation with Gungun so now she cannot let it break so easily, she has to surely talk with her Gungun for it. Radha tries to enter the room but the nurse stops her however the doctor instructs the nurse to let her go because they did whatever they could however were unsuccessful so now a mother might be able to do what they could not, he asks Radha to go and be with her daughter when the rest of the family also tries to follow her but Radha stops them al saying it is between her and Gungun. Mohan tries to follow her but Kadambari stops him saying no one can come between a mother and daughter, Mohan is also worried.

Radha slowly walks beside the bed of Gungun who is still unconscious, she starts remembering all of the moments she has spent with Gungun and how has actually become her mother. Radha gets emotional, she sitting beside Gungun notices the blood bag attached over her head and remembers when Gungun promised to call her as Ramaa from now onwards. Radha calls Gungun mentioning she is very furious with her and thinks that she should not even talk with her again, mentioning she did whatever Gungun asked her to do as she won the competition in the Maldives, she was asked to not worry about her because Gungun promised she will take care of herself but what has she done to herself., Radha asks Gungun to listen to her Ramaa and wake up, Radha is calling Gungun but then exclaims she should not wake up but then even her Radha is going to die right in front of her eyes, Radha is constantly staring at Gungun while the entire Trivedi family is shocked.