Udaariyaan 19th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Alia get caught

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Udaariyaan 19th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan getting shocked seeing Alia in the truck. He goes inside and asks Alia what happened, what is all this. He goes to get water. She drinks the water. She says I had gone to them for a job, I got to know they are criminals, they fool girls about the job and trap them, don’t know where they send the girls, they drugged us and threw us here, please help everyone. He asks the girls to have water. He thinks don’t know how is Aasma.

Aasma fights the goons. She runs away. Armaan reaches some place. The man asks where is our thing, show us first. Armaan says you can check if you want, did you see your state, you have drugged them. The goon checks the girls. He sees Alia and says she will get us much money. Alia pushes the goon. The girls start beating the goons. Armaan also fights them. Armaan asks Alia to take the girls and leave. Alia says I won’t go without you. He shouts and asks them to please go. Aasma sees the goons and hides from them. Armaan thinks to reach Aasma soon.

Some other goons stop Armaan and point gun at him. He says I did my work, ask your boss to leave my wife. The goon says let us check. Armaan says you had checked it 5 mins back. The goon says you leave, your wife will reach home safely. They leave in the truck. Armaan sees Alia on the truck top and thinks how did she come here. The goons see their gang members tied. Armaan asks Alia to run. They run. Armaan gets shot on his hand. He falls. They catch her. Goons catch Aasma.

Goon throws her dupatta and points gun at her. She kicks him and snatches the gun from him. She asks them to throw the guns, else she will shoot him. She shoots one of the goon. She asks them to get back. She leaves. She drives off. Goon shows Alia’s pic and asks where is she, tell me. Armaan recalls asking Alia why did you come. Alia asks how could I live you in problem. He says go and hide there. FB ends. Goon threatens Armaan. Armaan says make me talk to my wife, then I will tell you about her. Goon calls Aasma. Armaan reaches the place. She sees the truck. She sees the goons tied up. She asks where is Armaan, where is he. Goon says he took that girl and ran away. She asks who. He shows Alia’s pic to her.

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She says Alia…. She gets Armaan’s wallet. She sees Armaan and Alia’s pics in it. She thinks Armaan had transferred 15 lakhs in Alia’s account, why. She asks where did he go, where is he. Goon says jungle side. Aasma runs.

Armaan scolds the goons. He takes the gun from them and asks where is my wife, tell me, else I will shoot. Aasma looks for him. Alia comes and says no, you won’t do this, you aren’t a criminal. He asks what shall I say, where is Armaan. She says be careful. He shoots on the ground to scare the goons. Aasma hears the sound and runs to see. Ekam asks the staff to trace Armaan’s phone. He gets the location. Ekam leaves.

Armaan and Alia run. Alia says I can’t run more. He lifts her and runs. He sees Aasma in her. He says I will give my life and protect you. Alia says I m also with you always. Aasma cries and thinks where are you, Armaan.

The episode ends