Suhaagan 19th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal proves she is pregnant

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The Episode starts with Payal thinking what to do and gets afraid of losing. Krish asks Bindiya why did she do this? Bindiya gives him fitting reply. Payal puts the pregnancy kit in the commode, and shouts no. She comes out. Bindiya asks if it has fallen down in the commode, and asks her not to worry, says she has brought many kits. Sakshi, Nidhi and Indu come there. Bindiya tells that her kit fell down in the commode so she went again to get the test done. Krish asks Payal why she is taking so much time. Payal looks at something. Sakshi asks why she is not coming out. Vikram asks if test result came, and says he had two cups of tea. Indu says something is wrong. Krish asks them to go down. Indu says I will not go, but will send others. She asks Vikram, Sakshi and Nidhi to go, and wait for them in the hall. Krish knocks on the door and asks Payal to open the door. He asks her to say something. Bindiya says it is enough of your drama, time has come to reveal your truth. Krish is about to break the door, when Payal comes out and gives kit in his hand. Krish shows it to Indu. Indu gets surprised. Bindiya asks her not to be surprised. Bindiya says this is real Pallu, liar and cheap. Krish says it is clear who is liar. Indu says she will give this news to everyone.

In the hall, Bindiya asks Payal to tell about the truth. Payal gives her pregnancy kit in her hand and says you are going to be aunt, congrats. Bindiya is shocked and teary eyes. Indu is happy. Krish is relieved. Bindiya looks at the kit with two red lines. Payal asks if doubt is cleared from everyone’s mind. Indu says everyone’s face is sad. Sakshi says Payal is not Krish’s wife and says such woman’s child is called as …you know well. Indu says but. Vikram asks if Society will accept the child. Sakshi says they will call him illegitimate. Indu shouts Sakshi and asks how dare you? She says this is Krish’s baby, if anyone calls him illegitimate, then I will cut her/his tongue. She says this baby will be their heir and she will give him all the rights. Sakshi asks Indu not to see the dreams, which will not be fulfilled. She says this news will be breaking news and then what will happen with Shukla family reputation. Payal says this baby is unlucky to create problems in Shukla family and says she will not let the stain come on the family, and that’s why she wants to abort the baby.

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Indu asks how dare you to take this decision for Babu’s baby. Payal says until they are divorced, who will call my baby as legitimate. She says you people have done many favors on me, and says she don’t want to stain on the family. Krish says I will handle everything. Bindiya is teary eyes. Krish says Bindiya, our relation had many ups and downs, and we have experienced so much, you used to fight for your suhaag and I used to fight for my love. He says neither of us have won, but this situation is beyond anything, as this is the matter of his child. He says once the relation was made between Payal and him, and he wanted to wait till divorce, but the baby can’t win. He requests her not to let his child get the stain of illegitimate tag. Indu asks Bindiya to understand Krish’s pain and says don’t make his good luck turn into bad luck. She asks her not to snatch big happiness from bapu and go away from his life. Baldev asks what you are saying, you can’t see anyone’s pain infront of your Bapu. He asks her to give sometime to Bindiya to think. Pankaj says we shall think of both sides. Payal acts and starts hitting on her tummy, says you are the root of troubles. Krish asks her to stop it. Indu asks if she is gone mad? Payal says this baby shall die and has no right to live. She is about to hit her tummy with the vase, but Bindiya stops her, and throws the vase down. She asks why you are doing this, and tells that the baby is Shukla family’s heir and Krish’s blood. She asks her not to hurt the baby. She asks them not to fold their hands or pallu infront of her. She says I have understood that the matter is about the baby, who has not done any mistake. She says the new member made her guest today, apologizes to everyone and promises that she will not trouble her again. She says now you can stay with Krishna ji and stay in his room happily, says she will not disturb them both and says it is her promise.

Precap: Krish breaks the door and sees Bindiya unconscious. they take her to hospital. Bindiya calls Babu ji, and asks Payal why she is ready as suhaagan. Payal looks at her with upset face.