Udaariyaan 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma’s birthday

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The Episode starts with Aasma seeing Armaan and crying. He says I will sit guarding you. Aasma thinks there is a peace in this room and also a strange storm. Kabir says Aasma, you won’t celebrate birthday with anyone else than me. Its morning, Raja and Armaan bake the cake. Rano and Neetu come there. Armaan asks Rano to go. Raja says Armaan is baking the cake for Aasma. Rano smiles. Neetu says Armaan is becoming romantic. Rano says I wish Aasma agrees. They go. Armaan says we will do decorations. Raja asks what’s this. Armaan says its something, surprise, we will check it at night, I m inviting a clown, he will make everyone laugh. Aasma smiles seeing him.

She asks him to be careful. He jokes seeing the garlands stuck to her dress. He goes after her and takes the decorations. Everyone laughs. Aasma says thanks and goes to her room. She gets a gift and thinks wow, its so beautiful. She recalls the stalker. She stays alert. She sprays pepper. She turns and sees Armaan. Armaan screams and asks what did you do, I can’t see anything. She takes him to washroom. She helps him wash his face. They have a moment. He goes singing. She smiles. Ekam says Sukhi has invited us for Aasma’s birthday, I don’t know what to take for her, Nehmat, she is my daughter, I didn’t know about her. Nehmat says Ekam, its not your mistake, she is with you, give her as much love as you want, she is sensible, I m sure she would have no negativity for you.

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Alia thinks I have no value. She says sorry, I heard you talking, you want to gift something special to Aasma, you ask Deepak for your childhood pics and make a beautiful collage, you will get a chance to live those moments, I will help you in this. Ekam goes.

Ekam says this is for Aasma. Armaan nods. He goes to call the clown. The man says I m coming in 5mins. Aasma comes in the party. Armaan shows Veer Zaara’s movie banner to Aasma. Aasma recalls her words. She stumbles. Armaan holds her. The clown comes to entertain everyone. He disappears. Everyone looks for him. He goes to hold Aasma. He hugs Aasma and says happy birthday. He dances with her. He says joker has come, just get seated and clap, keep laughing. He thinks the show is left, Armaan. He shows the magic show. Everyone smiles and claps. Armaan gets the cake.

The lights go off. Everyone worries. Bobby checks the fire in the fuse box and calls Armaan. Armaan and everyone run to see. Rano asks Neetu to get the candles. Armaan says someone did this intentionally, it means… Aasma… The joker locks them inside the room. The joker goes to Aasma and sings happy birthday to you. She screams. Armaan gets worried.

The episode ends