Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao tries to find a lawyer

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Rama is walking when she bumps into Bhim so asks why is he coming back so quickly from the office, Bhim replies that his dream might become true because they all were planning to murder Puran jee in the office and asked him to either perform his job and let the encounter happen. The inspector says that he left the job so informs Rama to talk some sense to Bhim that there is nothing more important then earning, Rama says even the Inspector is not doing justice to his job and siding with those trying to falsely kill Puran. Inspector warns Rama to not say anything else otherwise he would kill Bhim Rao right here when Rama replies inspector must first go and perform what he has decided to do. Bhim leaves explaining they have to take the support of the justice system to save Puran jee. Rama thinks she has to go and inform Baba about the truth.

Jija bai says that today morning Bhim left after seeing a bad dream and even Rama left after him causing everyone a lot of trouble, Rama returns informing Ramji that Bhim Rao is actually going to face a problem and his dream came true, Jija Bai starts laughing asking if Bhim can now even see the dreams. The aunt explains Jija Bai was saying such awful things which they kept hearing so now she must stay quiet, Rama informs Ramji about the entire truth that happened with Bhim Rao in the office. Bala tells Aanad that he feels they need to go since Bhim might need their help while even their wives decide to go and help Bhim Rao when the Jokhu asks why are they going to save Bhim when he has been ousted from this Chawl, the aunt says that Jokhu has only thrown Bhim Rao but not from their lives since they would help him whenever he is in any sort of problem. Jokhu sas that they should learn to be a deceiver from these people. Ramji explains that they were still with the side of Bhim so tried to stop him but when someone does not listen then they have to make a circle around the person. The inspector stops them all from leaving the Chawl saying that they have heard people from this Chawl are siding with the criminal Puran, so they are going to keep a watch on this Chawl. Rama asks just like they were doing at the office when the inspector warns her to stop, he says that the constables should keep an eye over here. Rama says that she is going to go even if he threatens to fire at them, the inspector fires at the clay pot which falls down. Inspector informs that if she comes forward then those who are against Bhim would be killed when Rama says that he is making a mistake but the Inspector leaves.

Bhim requests the lawyer to come and try to open the case of Puran jee with him but the lawyer starts running away when he explains that if Bhim begs him like this in the middle of the street then everyone would think he is helping Bhim and they will oust him from the society. Bhim Rao says that if the lawyer refuses then who would stand by him to get justice for the truth, the lawyer explains that he lives in this society after completing his duty but they would not leave him. Bhim promises that the justice system would grant him justice when a person hits the lawyer on the head with a stick due to which he falls. The Landlord comes telling Bhim Rao that the person who hit the lawyer ran away but the one who was going to help him is on the ground, the lawyer says this is what he was trying to explain to Bhim that he would not be able to help him since someone might even harm his daughter, he asks Bhim Rao to leave and save his own family. The Landlord son goes in the corner to remove the scarf from his face, Bhim Rao offers to take the lawyer to the hospital when the inspector asks Bhim Rao where is he going, he asks the lawyer to go to the hospital himself while he will explain it to Bhim Rao. Landlord says the inspector should reveal what he meant by where is Bhim going to go, Inspector explains that the police has surrounded the Chawl and anyone who walks ahead would be killed, the son of Landlord mentions that Bhim Rao cannot protect everyone. Inspector says that two constables would have left with Puran while he will perform the encounter during their path so Bhim should decide where he would go Bhim tries to stop the Inspector but the son of Landlord stops Bhim Rao mentioning he must think what he should do, saying Bhim Rao must sit down right here and after hearing the news about the encounter come to the office where they will have a party. Sethji says Bhim can even come back to his job since he would surely get it published. Bhim Rao leaves angrily.

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Landlord asks Sethji where does he think Bhim Rao would have gone to when the son of Landlord says to his wife but Sethji explains he knows Bhim would have gone to the lawyer. Bhim is requesting the lawyer to help him but the lawyer leaves saying he has heard about the lawyer.

The constable is pulling Puran asking him to come and they threaten him saying that he is surely going to be killed today after which even Bhim Rao would stop with his actions.

Bhim Rao is requesting the lawyers one by one to help him but they all refuse mentioning they have heard about what happened so no one agrees to help him, Bhim Rao is really worried. The constables are pointing their guns at the people from the Chawl who are worried along with Rama,

The son of Landlord says that everything would end after they hear the news regarding the encounter of Puran. Landlord mentions that this situation has developed that when the encounter happens then Bhim Rao would lose the respect amongst the people from his class, they all will surely accept the obedience and even Bhim Rao would not be able to do anything, one of the worker also says that once Puran is killed he would make a statue of him and roam it around the villages. The other employee thinks he cannot do anything for Bhim Rao but can at least pray for him that he surely wins.

Bhim Rao requests another lawyer to help him but he says that Bhim Rao must find a lawyer who does not care for his life and helps him so Bhim Rao sits down exclaiming that he has lost today and would not be able to help Puran. The constable sas then Bhim Rao should stop this and go back because he would not be able to find in the entire Bombay where they are going to kill Puran. Bhim Rao is furious.