Parineeti 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti asks sanju for divorce

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Scene 1
Sukwiner is leaving. Pari tries to stop her. Gurinder asks her to stop. She says Neeti will also stop that way. You’re an elder, save this marriage. SUkwinder says no one is happier than a mother when her daughter’s house is made and no one feels more pain when her daughter’s marriage breaks. No one knows my pain. I feel helpless. My daughter is so innocent. She won’t listen to anyone. My heart is aching. Neeti comes. She gives divorce papers to Sanju and says to sign them. I can’t live with you. Sign then. Pari says no. Pami stops her, she says it’s their matter. Sanju says do you really want a divorce? Neeti says you want that right? He says do you want that? Neeti says you want to divorce me. Sanju says I never did. I know you don’t want to leave me either. Everything will be okay. No one is going anywhere. Please. Neeti says I’ve one condition only. Kick Pari out of this house right now. I won’t ask for a divorce then. Should I say it louder? Kick Pari out right now. Sanju says that can’t happen. Neeti is shocked. Sanju leaves. Neeti goes to her room in anger.

Neeti picks up her bag. Pari says please don’t go. I beg you. Neeti says I beg you please leave my life. Please go from here. Would you? no right? You’re responsible for all of this. Don’t do this drama. I wish I understood your reality. Pari says I know you’re angry. Neeti says I am angry, why wouldn’t i be? Can’t yo listen to the truth? I used to fight the whole world for you. You forgot everything. You ruined my life. Pari says please calm down. Neeti shouts and breaks things. She says I am sick of you. You are  a liar. Your friendship, care, love everything was a lie. Pari cries. Neeti says dont’ do this drama with your tears. What else do you want to snatch from me? Do you want me to die now? Why did you do this to me? You shattered me. Everything is over because of you. You snatched everything from me. Neeti says if I go from here no one will come between you and Sanju. I know your drama. You will live with my husband in my bedroom. Pari says I can’t even think that. Neeti says that was your dream. You’re happy now right? I am leaving. Neeti leaves in anger.

Pari comes after Neeti and tries to stop her. She says Neeti please don’t go. Pami says enough of this drama. Shut the gate Chandrika. the family will decide what happens now. Neeti says how will this help? Will it open the door of hearts. Tao ji says elders will decide who will live here now. You can’t leave and come whenever you want. He says now we will make decisions. People do whatever they want. Pami says Gurinder is responsible for all of this. She’s ruined 3 lives. Pami says Sukwinder you’re Neeti’s mom. As a mother, wasn’t it your duty to investigate about the guy she wanted to marry? Sukwinder says I should have. Pami says Neeti and Sanju are at fault too. Everyone is responsible for all this. We’re all responsible. We’ve all had a part in all this. She says Neeti you think Sanju and Pari betrayed you right? Youur mom and MIL also betrayed you. Aren’t you fault for not even meeting the family of the guy you wanted to marry? Neeti says now you will blame it on me? Pami says if I could I would have kicked you out of this house but I knew it wasn’t your fault. It was Gurinder and your mom’s mistake too. Right Gurinder? she says to Sukwinder did you stop your daughter? Pami says because of your faults Neeti has to go through this. Now you both will decide if Neeti will stay here or leave. Tao ji says Pami is right. Gurinder and Sukwinder will decide. Sukwinder and Gurinder ask Neeti to not go. She says please forgive me. Don’t go. Neeti says when we got married we didn’t take anyone’s permission. But I will listen today and stay. But on one condition, if sanju asks me to stay here.

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Scene 2
Pari comes to SAnju and says please come with me. Please stop Neeti. She’s going she’s not listening to anyone. He says I won’t stop her. She can go if she wants. If she stays here she won’t accept the truth and only create problems here. Pari says what are you saying. Everything will be over. She’s your love. Sanju says she was my love. There’s no love when there is no respect and care. Pari says she’s your wife. How can you say such things? Sanju says I wont’ stop her after what she’s done. She’s tried to kill you. She didn’t even care about her child. A woman who doesn’t care about anyone, I don’t want to stop her. Pari says you’ve also done mistakes if you have too. Sanju says I can’t forgive someone who tries to kill her. PAri says my happiness is tied with Neeti. You’ve to stop her.

Episode ends

Precap-Sanju says I am your husband and love and she’s your friend. How can you forget about your friendship? She says friends like her are worse than enemies. I wish she never came to my life and we never met and never became PariNeeti.