Udaariyaan 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Alia reveals Aasma’s marriage truth

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The Episode starts with Murtazan saying my heart cried seeing this, you remember you told me about your love, I became your fan, you took Aasma from there, I thought no love story can be better than this, Aasma fought for your love, you broke her courage, you made Noor a second woman. Armaan scolds him and says you have no right to talk in our personal matter. Murtazan says but I can’t tolerate her insult. Armaan says she forced me to do this, I didn’t do this with her, I don’t need to tell this to anyone. Murtazan says sorry, I crossed my limits. Alia comes and asks everyone to come out. She asks Kannu to fix the projector. Baby asks what film is it. Alia says it’s a love story for Aasma, she will like this film a lot. She plays the video. Aasma and Armaan are shocked. The family is also shocked.

Sukhi asks what’s all this, stop it. He asks Aasma did your marriage happen there. Aasma says listen to me once. Alia asks what’s there left to say. She says Aasma wanted to get Armaan and me married, because she has a backup option, this man has a child also. Armaan recalls Zain and cries. Alia says so much greed isn’t good, just have one husband. Aasma slaps her. She says stop the nonsense, did you want the family time to spread poison, how did you get this video. Alia says it’s the truth. Aasma says no, I m just Armaan’s wife, I have just said two Qubool Hai in that Nikaah. Alia asks what proof do you have.

She asks did you hide your husband here. Armaan takes Aasma with him and scolds her. He hits his hand on the mirror and hurts himself. Aasma says Armaan, you can ask me anything, I have all the answers. He asks why didn’t you tell this before. Aasma says I didn’t get married, I sat there in Nikaah and said Qubool Hai twice to Shahnaz’s conditions, I would like to die before cheating you, I had to deal with you with her to save your life, if you doubt my love, then blame the situation, not my love, I have nothing to clarify, my love is my worship, and one doesn’t prove it. They cry.

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Alia looks on and goes. Sukhi says Aasma might have done this under pressure. Biji says Aasma got him back from there. Neetu says just Aasma knows about it. Alia goes to Armaan and asks what did Aasma tell you. He asks her to leave. She says you would have believed her. She brainwashes him. Murtazan apologizes to Aasma. She says don’t be sorry, Armaan and my love is strong. Armaan says I know what is she doing, it will be good that you stay away from us. He ousts Alia. Alia says no Armaan, its your misunderstanding, I will remove her from your life, I will expose her plan. Armaan comes to Murtazan and says I got this injection, it will relieve your pain, the truck will leave in two hours. Aasma comes and says I got food for you. Zain refuses. She says you were hungry. Murtazan says I will handle him. She says he should have food. Zain says you forgot something. She asks what. Murtazan says its his birthday today. Aasma smiles and hugs him. Alia looks for Aasma. Zain says I want to cut a cake. Murtazan says I will explain him. Aasma says we will celebrate his birthday, right Armaan. Armaan says yes. He gives the injection to Murtazan. Aasma says I will get a cake for you, don’t go anywhere, sleep for some time. Murtazan says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Armaan says take rest, we will make arrangements. Armaan and Aasma go to the kitchen. He asks how will we celebrate, ordering a cake is risky. Aasma says I have an idea. Murtazan says Aasma will come. Zain says she will get the cake and I will eat. Alia comes there.

The episode ends