Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Karan vows to find the truth about Rajveer

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Karan wonders if she has stopped due to their past however thinks it is not the case as she would always apply the Sindoor even when they were fighting, he thinks this cannot happen as Preeta can never forget to apply the Sindoor and she would always fulfill the rituals, Karan also wonders why she is not wearing the Mangal Sutur, he thinks there is something which he cannot understand. Preeta comes out of the washroom apologizing for getting late as she is trying to remove it, karan asks why is she trying to remove it hearing which preeta gets worried asking why should she wear it, the phone rings so Karan wonders from where is it ringing, she pointing to the door is about to go and get it but Karan leaves.

Shaurya entering the room with the bouquet asks Sandy to follow him who asks what is he doing, Shaurya replies he is from those students who donot study the entire year but still are expert in everything, he goes to search in the wardrobe when Sandy asks what is he looking for, Shaurya returns with the small bottle, Sandy asks what is Shaurya going to do with it so he asks Sandy to bring a glass of water after which he will explain everything, Shaurya then pours some water on the table after which he drops a bit of the powder on it which causes a reaction, Sandy does not understand when Shaurya informs he had specially had this chemical made and if he glues the stems of the roses and then sprinkle this powder on it, then the stems would not have any effect and if anyone touches it then their hand would burn, Sandy asks who is it for, Shaurya replies when she will touch the roses after returning from the roses then her hands would burn and whenever in her lie she will see them then would recall this pain, so hate Rajveer. Sandy asks Shaurya to be careful but Shaurya replies he has the solution for it, he asks Sandy to have it but he refuses when Shaurya sprinkles some of the perfume on his hand after which he picks the bouquet, Sandy also applies some perfume when Shaurya says they should put the bouquet before Palki finds out anything. Shaurya and Sandy leave.

Karan runs into the room and is searching for his phone, he even looks in the wardrobe but then finds it on the floor, Karan accidentally drops a file which shocks him so he wonders how di it fall down, he picks it up from the floor, he is shocked seeing the photo of Preeta holding a child, karan starts looking around to see the photos of an infant with preeta, Karan smiles thinking these are the photos of Rudra with Preeta, he remembers when the doctor said that Rajveer himself wanted that karan should not find out about it and even the nurse said that she felt he is his son. Karan further thinks of when Rajveer would talk to him about being related with blood and he even hugged him in the Luthra Mansion, Karan further sees the photos of Rajveer as a teenager, karan concludes that Rjaveer is Rudra, he is emotional.

Palki and Rajveer still are dancing in the Luthra mansion while everyone is just looking at their performance when Shaurya and Sandy also return, Varun is still dancing with Shanaya while Shaurya slowly goes to sit on the table again and the song finally end. Shaurya also claps for them all, praising them for their performance so he asks for a big round of applause. Sandy drops the flowers while walking away, Palki goes to pick them up and even kavya follows her but Shaurya stops her which worries Kavya.

Daljeet angrily enters the house saying that the children donot listen, she says that the Sindoor is in her Mang when preeta replies she has tried to remove it, Daljeet asks how did it get here when preeta informs Karan applied it, Daljeet says that something is going between them both but Preeta replies that it is not the case, as the pooja Thali fell from her hand after which they both were picking the Sindoor and her hair came on her forehead so he causally pulled them back so the Sindoor got applied, Preeta says it is just coincidence but Daljeet explains that this is how it happens even in the film, Preeta smiles at her saying this is real life, Daljeet replies even she was joking and questions why did the father of her son in law came, Karan comes out asking preeta if Rajveer is Rudra but then stops thinking Preeta has not told him so he will first gather some proofs and then come to ask the truth from preeta, who would not have any reason to lie and then he will argue with her. Preeta asks what was he talking off, karan leaves saying he will meet her later so leaves. Preeta wonders why did Mr Karan Luthra came here as he would not have come to meet her, she thinks he did not say anything else after taking the name of Rajveer which is very tensed.

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Kavya asks why did he stop her when Shaurya says that she has injured her ankle so he was just supporting her, Palki picks the roses with her hands when she apologizes to Rajveer who asks what is the need to apologize as she did not drop it purposefully, Sandy apologizes to Palki saying he made the mistake t Palki keeps smiling, Shaurya says it is strange as palki has held the stems which he poured the chemical on but why is it not working, he looks to Sandy who also does not understand it. Palki suddenly drops the bouquet while screaming, seeing which Kavya, Shanaya and even Varun are shocked so she tells Rajveer she is getting a reaction and her hands are burning, Rajveer mentions that it is all red so Kavya explains she will bring ice but Rjaveer explains they have to take her to the clinic, Shaurya offers to take her in his car and they all leave while Kavya is tensed.

Karan while driving the car si thinking about the photos he saw in the room of Rajveer but then tried to ask preeta however left, he suddenly stops his car when he is about to hit another car, Karan then clears his mind wondering what was he doing as he could have gotten in an accident so says how he needs to relax, the other people behind him are honking when one of the passenger gets out demanding that karan should drive but he is not even paying any importance, the auto drivers also come requesting him to go ahead, karan thinks he cannot clam down since he has a lot of questions and until he does not find the truth about Rajveer then would not stay calm because if Preeta did not tell him till now then will even keep it a secret, while even Rajveer will try his best to keep it a secret however he vows to find the truth. Karan is sure there is a way to find the truth which will give him the exact answer about the identity of Rajveer and he will find out if he is actually Rudra, karan thinks the method is DNA testing after which neither Rajveer nor Preeta would escape from the truth and everyone will have to accept the result.

Varun says he cannot believe how it happened with Palki as her hand got red, she agrees but then remembers when Shaurya stopped her as she was going to pick the flowers after which the hands of Palki got burnt, Varun asks who is she calling, kavya says that Shaurya would never change and then walks ahead, he bumps into a waiter while Kavya walks ahead, she is standing in front of the bouquet and again tries to call Shaurya but wonders why is his phone not reachable.

Palki says her hand is really burning so Rajveer says they have reached but the nurse stops them all, Rajveer shows the hand when the nurse explains that only one of them can accompany her, Rajveer goes inside with Palki

Daljeet signals Preeta that she should clean it even far back and she asks if Preeta does not feel something strange after talking with Karan because she has felt that Karan knows her from a very long time, Preeta replies it is nothing to think of because they sometimes meet some people whom they have a connection with as she has formed with Shaurya and Kavya, even when she does not know of anything from their life but ever since she saw them for the first time she has gotten a scene of belonging with them, Preeta is smiling.