Jhanak 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak prays for Anirudh

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The Episode starts with the doctor asking everyone to pray for Anirudh. Arshi says I will go to the temple, nothing will happen to him. Shrishti says I will come along. Arshi says I will do puja for him, he will be fine. They leave. Jhanak says I want to go and pray. Chotan asks where will you go. She says I will pray to Bholenath, he has always protected me, he has to protect Anirudh now. Chotan says I will take you to the temple. Arshi cries. Shrishti asks driver to speed up. Chotan and Jhanak are also on the way to Shiv temple. Anirudh gets breathless. Everyone at home prays for Anirudh. Appu says please come back Anirudh. She cries. She says this happened because Jhanak isn’t here, call her. Anjana says calm down, don’t take her name again. Dadi looks on. Arshi and Shrishti reach the temple and pray. Jhanak reaches the temple and prays. Chotan goes to get the puja plate. Arshi turns and doesn’t see them. Shrishti asks Arshi to come. Arshi says I felt I saw Chotan. Shrishti says he might have come to pray for Anirudh, come. Pandit asks Jhanak what’s the matter. Jhanak recalls Anirudh. She says someone is very ill. Pandit asks who is he, is he your husband, what’s his name. She says Anirudh Bose. Arshi and Shrishti tell the pandit about Anirudh. Pandit asks Jhanak her name. She says Jhanak. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine, we will start the puja. She asks will he get fine.

He says you have faith in Bholenath, everything will get fine. Arshi asks will he get fine. Pandit says yes, have faith. Both Arshi and Jhanak pray for Anirudh. Pandit gives the flower to Arshi and asks her to touch it on Anirudh’s forehead. Arshi prays to Matarani. Pandit gives a flower to Jhanak and asks for Dakshina. Chotan gives the money. Jhanak thanks him. Shrishti gives the money to the pandit. Pandit asks Chotan to take the flower. Pandit says no, you did the puja, you have to do this work, when your husband gets fine, get him here. Jhanak nods. She leaves. Pandit asks Arshi to go, her marriage will be joyous, then come here with your husband. Arshi smiles.

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Shrishti thanks him. They leave. Arshi stops. Shrishti asks her to just come. Chotan and Jhanak are on the way. Jhanak asks how will I take this flower to Anirudh. He says we have to do it someway, its about Anirudh’s life, don’t worry, I m with you, we will go through back door. Doctors check Anirudh. Lal comes and says we have arranged the blood. Shubh says it won’t be needed now. Lal asks what are you saying. Shubh signs no. Lal shouts. Jhanak and Chotan reach the hospital. She says I have to touch this flower to Anirudh’s forehead, will they allow us to go. Chotan says it doesn’t matter, we will hear the scolding, will you bear this storm for Anirudh’s sake, answer me. She says yes. He says I know everything, Anirudh has told me everything. Jhanak asks what. He says whatever happened with you both, just I know the truth. She is shocked.

He says Anirudh has taken big risks to protect you. She says I will always be indebted to you, he did a lot for me. He says what’s the use, if you don’t take the flower to him, we are falling weak, we have to do this, will you go in, I will take permission. She says yes, I will go, its imp to save Anirudh’s life, he has to live for all of us. She cries. He asks why are you crying, don’t you trust your puja, come with me. They go inside. Nurse says there is no improvement in Anirudh, just hope for some miracle, doctors have done the best. Chotan says Jhanak did puja for Anirudh, pandit said if this flower touches his forehead, he will get saved. Nurse says no one can go inside. He begs her. She says okay. Jhanak cries.

Jhanak goes to meet Anirudh. Nurse says he will get fine, miracles happen, love magic works. Jhanak cries and touches the flower to Anirudh’s forehead. Arshi stops Jhanak and asks what are you doing here.