Udaariyaan 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update


Udaariyaan 10th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Armaan says sorry to Raja. Family members arrived there. Armaan tells him that he is ready to do sit up in front of him until he forgive him. Alia glares at him. Raja tells him that he forgave him. Armaan says that he loves him a lot. He can’t get angry at him. He hugs him and says that he shouldn’t beaten him. Aasmaa feels happy to see them solved their issues. Raja remember their beautiful moments with him. Aasmaa asks them to eat something. They haven’t eaten anything since morning. Armaan feeds to him. Raja apologized to her. Aasmaa apologized to him back. Raja feeds to her. Alia thinks that whatever she try to unite this family she can’t do it. She will separate them. Meanwhile, Chachi saying to Dadi that Alia taking care of Raja. We have to send Alia to her house. Alia says that Ekam won’t accept this wedding. He is stubborn. Aasmaa says that she has an idea. Let’s conduct a grahshanthi pooja in home. She will invite him to attend this pooja. She can send Alia to the home along with Ekam. The rituals will be over.

Dadi asks Aasmaa to arrange everything for the pooja. Later, Aasmaa asks Alia to help her. She asks her to decorate the flowers. Raja and Armaan brings Mata Rani’s statue there. Aasmaa sends them to bring the sweets. Alia says to her that she finished her work. Aasmaa asks her to do some other works. Alia is tired. Aasmaa is allotting works to her one after one. Alia thinks that she is tired. Aasmaa thinks that it’s not over yet. She has to work the whole day. Alia tells her that she won’t work anymore. Aasmaa says to Alia that mom calling her. Mittu asks Alia to bring the pot from the kitchen. Alia searching for the pot. She gets some idea. She wants to call Ekam to attend this pooja. She will trap her in her own plan. Meanwhile, Alia, Raja and Aasma, Armaan sits in the pooja.

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Dadi asks Aasma to give the pot to the priest. She feels the pot is heavy. Dadi asks Aasma if dad attend this pooja? She tells her that he promised to attend this pooja. Ekam greets the family members. He ignores Alia. Aasmaa thinks that something is going in Alia’s mind. Nana asks Ekam to forget the incident. He shouldn’t behave like in her in law’s house. Alia feels jealous to see Aasmaa and Armaan doing the pooja together. She keeps staring the pot and smirks at Aasmaa. She thinks that everything will be over in few minutes. Priest says to them that pooja is completed. He asks them to get ready for the Arathi. Alia keeps glaring Aasma. The priest asks her to bring Ganga water. Alia recalls her plan. She gifted a dress to Raja. She says to him that Aasmaa isn’t a bad person. She arranged pooja for them. He has to do something in return too. She asks him to splash Ganga water on Aasmaa. Raja recalls that and poured water on Aasmaa.

Raja says to Aasmaa it’s for forgiven him. Alia feels happy to see it. Family are shocked by his act. He thanked her and says that she is taking care of everyone. Family members smells kerosene there. Ekam says it. Alia recalls the way she added kerosene in the water. Fire caught on her dhuppatta.

Precap: Ekam slaps Raja.