Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajwinder plays with Heer’s emotions.

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Everyone in the hospital with Beant Singh. Heer trying to talk to him. The heart surgeon arrives at the hospital with Suraj Singh, claiming to have left an important conference just for Rajwinder. Rajwinder asks the Surgeon to look after Beant Singh as she has a close relationship with him. The surgeon urgently requests Beant to be moved to the cardiac operating room. Heer expresses gratitude to the surgeon for coming on short notice, but the surgeon credits Rajwinder. Beant’s health suddenly worsens, and he is taken to the operating room. Jasmin and Ranjha console Heer, who is emotionally devastated. Navjot and Gurmeet express gratitude to Rajwinder, whom Heer sees as an angel.

Rajwinder acts kindly, telling Heer that tears don’t suit her. Ranjha wonders about Rajwinder’s sudden change of heart. The doctor comes out of the operating room, revealing a significant blood loss during the operation, requiring immediate blood transfusion. Family members get their blood tested, but none match. Rajwinder offers to check her blood group. Heer prays for a miracle. Rajwinder’s blood group matches, and she donates blood to Beant.

Rajwinder assures Heer that she fulfilled her promise not to let anything happen to Beant. Heer sees Rajwinder as a blessing from their prayers. The doctor informs Heer of a successful operation, with stents in place of blockages. He advises Beant to avoid stress and questions the mention of losing their Haveli. Ranjha promises to take care of Beant, and Heer pledges to resolve the Haveli matter. Rajwinder gifts bangles to Heer, addressing her as the Atwals’ daughter-in-law.

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Ranjha senses Rajwinder’s manipulative intentions. Before Heer can decline the proposal, Rajwinder reveals Haveli’s property papers, shocking everyone. Ranjha mentally communicates with Heer, warning her not to fall into their trap. Heer decides not to accept it. Rajwinder hugs Heer, emotionally manipulating her to agree to the relationship.

Heer is torn and confused about the decision. Rajwinder notices Heer’s hesitation and takes back the property papers, emotionally pressuring her to agree. Navjot also urges Heer, mentioning Kuldeep as a good guy. Heer cries with the bangles in her hands. Janel predicts Heer’s refusal, but Rajwinder remains confident. Heer, fearing for her father, agrees to become the Atwals’ daughter-in-law, leaving Ranjha heartbroken.

Precap: Jarnail says to Rajwinder we can bring that girl to our home but what about her loud voice. She says we need to suppress her loud voice.

Rajwinder’s Husband says to his kids that Rajwinder has established fear inside people’s minds for Atwals and we have to turn that fear into respect.

Rajwinder says to Tanya I’ll make that girl’s life hell because you will be the real daughter-in-law of Atwals, she will come to this house only for 10 days as daughter-in-law because I’ll throw her out  personally once I get hand of her land.