Kundali Bhagya 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta insists on going to the Roka of Shaurya


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Rajveer and palki are together in the corner, Shaurya is furious seeing them both together, Sandy notices him staring at them both but stays quiet for a moment, Shaurya purposefully drops the vase on the floor due to which both Rajveer and palki are stunned, palki then turns to leave when Rajveer tries to stop her however she walks away, Shaurya tries to walk away with Sandy, Rajveer says that Shaurya did not congratulate him for his Roka, Shaurya asks if he felt bad about it then should also take revenge, Sandy tells Rjaveer that Shaurya is like this when Rajveer replies he is an ill mannered person, Sandy wonders why did Rajveer scold him.

Gurpreet is with Mohit questioning how can the fate of someone be so bad as she has all the relations including her husband, son and even the sister but she is in a coma while is unaware of her husband and all the children so she prays that Bhagwan should not give such bad fate to anyone, Mohit mentions she is wrong because Preeta has Rajveer who loves her more then her own son along with them both wile even Palki who cares a lot for her, Gurpreet however informs she does not have her memory, Preeta comes out informing she met Shristhi and even told her about the Roka of Rajveer but she did not say anything due to which she was able to understand it, Shristhi is lying there unconscious in a lot of pain, she tells Gurpreet she is not able to do anything and make sure she is able to get free from it, she sometimes feels restless and does not like anything without her because Shristhi was the talkative amongst them both so she cannot think about living without her, Gurpreet asks Mohit to bring the taxi so he leaves, Preeta asks Gurpreet if her sister would get better very soon.

Daljeet is following Nidhi requesting her for some time to talk with her but Nidhi replies she is not interested in talking to her and does not want anyone to follow her, Daljeet says that Nidhi wanted to talk with her in the house of Gurpreet, Nidhi replies it was her mistake that she thought about it when Daljeet informs Nidhi keeps saying they are from the lower class but Nidhi is also the daughter in law of this house while even her daughter would become a daughter in law, Nidhi replies it has not happened since they are just planning the Roka but not the wedding, Daljeet replies that Nidhi should herself go and tell Rakhi that they should not get Shaurya married to Shanaya, Nidhi is shocked hearing it.

Mohit keeps requesting preeta to stop and not go there since it is of no use, Preeta insists on going there when he explains that Nidhi would be present there and she is not a good person, preeta says but then karan Luthra would also be there, she immediately remembers so tells Mohit that since Karan Luthra was present in the Roka of Rajveer then she needs to go there, Mohit tries to convince her to rest for some time but Preeta replies that till then the Roka would end but Mohit explains Rajveer would return till then, Preeta says that when she goes to the Roka of Shaurya then would feel nice as she has even said it to Shristhi, Mohit stops her saying Rajveer would not like it, hearing which preeta is shocked when Mohit informs Rajveer has gone there to take care of Dadi and would get tensed if she goes there.

Nidhi asks Daljeet if she thinks she would be liked here after talking in such a manner, Daljeet replies even she does not like to talk to Nidhi in such a manner but what can she do when Nidhi behaves in the exact same manner, she was trying to befriend her but Nidhi is not losing this attitude, Nidhi turns to leave when Daljeet asks her to notice how clever she is because she is becoming the sister in law of Nidhi even when she does not like her, Daljeet suggests Nidhi should always fall in front of Karan as this would create love amongst them both, she leaves informing they both have the same standard when she leaves, Arohi comes asking Nidhi what happened, she says would this illiterate tell her how to handle her family, she leaves informing it is time for the Roka.

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Shaurya and sandy walk down the stairs when Shaurya wonders where did he got trapped even when he does not want to marry Shanaya, but just look at how she is smiling and enjoying talking with everyone. Shaurya starts smiling looking at Shanaya when Nidhi comes asking what happened, he says he is feeling like running away from here, Nidhi warns him to not even think about it because his father is furious after the jacket incident, she informs that he must show he is very obedient as she has noticed that his father has started talking to Rajveer a lot and so she must show how much he prefers to listen to his father, Arohi exclaims that Nidhi is very clever, she replies she also learned it from someone with whom she is not interested in taking. Sandy gets curious asking who is it, Nidhi replies he is interested in becoming Sherlock homes so orders him to go and play the music. Shaurya goes to hug karan and Kavya after which he meets Mr Khurana and the rest of the Luthra family. Rajveer comes from behind when he also hugs Kavya, while meeting with Rishab. Rakhi asks Mummi je to see how happy is Shauyra looking and is really happy, kavya replies she never thought she would be able to enjoy the Roka of Shaurya as she felt he would one day bring his wife home but she is glad they are celebrating the event. Mahesh angrily says that the pandit jee is also coming very soon, Rajveer asks kavya where is Varun, she replies he would come very soon, Karan asks her to make sure Varun reaches before the Roka event.

Sandy suddenly comes on the dance floor while dancing on the song, Palki is enjoying the performance while Shaurya is just looking at her and not able to take his eyes of her, Rajveer is also enjoying and has a smile on his face. The Luthra family also starts dancing when Nidhi remember what Daljeet old her that she should keep falling in front of Karan, she therefor goes to karan after which they both start dancing when Karan only sees the face of Preeta and is shocked. Karan is really enjoying dancing with Preeta when he is not able to notice anyone but enjoying his dance performance with preeta who runs away from him so he starts following as they both come on the opposite sides of the swing, karan finally helps her sit on the swing which he starts swinging by himself. Karan is shocked realizing it is Nidhi with whom he was dancing, he notices how everyone is clapping for them except for Rajveer. Nidhi leaves to the corner and is smiling, Arohi asks why did she come to the corner, Nidhi explains that she found the way to go near Karan with the advice of Daljeet when she at first thought that Daljeet is an idiot but Karan was holding her, she has now realized that she would need the ideas of Daljeet to go near Karan and that too without her knowing, Nidhi is not aware that Daljeet is listening to her from behind the pillar.

Shaurya is standing when Sandy comes asking if he saw his dance moves and how he rocked the stage, Shaurya questions what was the need to be happy about, he starts staring at Palki and not able to take his eyes off her while palki is just smiling looking at Rajveer who is standing in front of her. Sandy notices Shaurya.