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The episode starts with Payal stages a drama and asks what about my happiness and my baby’s identity which is unwanted. She tells that her baby has no value. She says bindi traps everyone with puja or fast and everyone run behind her, and even you. Krish asks what did you do? Payal says you was worried for her and made her have food, as if your stomach gets filled with food. She says you have applied medicine on her hand, as if you are a doctor. He says she had burnt her hand. She then tells that he didn’t ask her if she had food and if she is fine or not. He asks how can you abort this baby and cries. Payal says I couldn’t abort Shukla family’s heir, I tried to get the abortion, but couldn’t get it. He asks if you are saying truth? Payal says yes and says our love child is my womb and I can’t kill him. She acts and cries. Krish hugs her and says thank you so much Payal, you have scared me. She says you made me cry. He says I am so sorry Payal, I will give you and our baby first priority and will not let you feel left out. She smirks and recalls asking Doctor to call her husband.

She comes home and apologizes to Indu. Indu asks her to get up and asks how did you think about abortion. Krish tells that Payal thinks that she has no value in the house and her baby is illegitimate. Indu shouts Babu and says you are saying this and says I have taken care of Payal more than Nidhi. Krish says Bindiya does something, so that all the family members are around her, and that’s why Payal feels left out. Payal cries and says she don’t want her baby to be unwanted, helpless and left out. Indu says his Dadi loves him a lot and tells that she will not give her any chance to complain. She scolds Sakshi and Vikram and asks them not to give tension to Payal. She says nobody is important to me than Payal. Sakshi asks what wrong did we do with her? She got what she deserves? Indu says Payal’s place is superior than you. Bindiya thinks she shall not tell anything to Indu now, as she is mad about Payal. Vikram says you have insulted your elder bahu and show her the low place, and asks what Payal has done for you. Indu says she has given us heir what you couldn’t do. Sakshi says even Bindiya is giving the heir. Indu says Bindiya is a liar and her pregnancy claim is false. Sakshi says even Bindiya has showed the pregnancy reports. Indu asks why didn’t you show the report and asks her not to argue. She calls her useless and asks her to go.

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