Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Heer decides to get a stay order from the high court.

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Beant Singh delivers the heartbreaking news to his family that they have lost the case, and everything seems to be over. Heer, devastated, vows to find a way to save their Haveli. Rajwinder declares that both Heer and the land must belong to the Atwals. Beant Singh, in despair, blames his own cousins for ruining everything. During a moment, Beant Singh gets a health attack and collapses.

A gang of goons arrives, announcing the auction of the Haveli the next day. Heer demands to see the notice, and they show it to her. Gurmeet and Ranjha attempt to confront the goons, but Heer stops Ranjha, insisting on fighting through legal means to avoid legal repercussions. Kuldeep questions Rajwinder about Heer’s rejection of the marriage proposal. Rajwinder remains determined to make Heer agree, and Kuldeep warns her that he won’t marry anyone else.

Rajwinder informs Janel that once the Haveli is auctioned, both the land and Heer will be theirs. Heer contacts various lawyers, seeking help for their case, but none provide a positive response. The next day, Heer decides to go to the high court to obtain a stay order and halt the auction. Some men enter their house, preparing to auction their belongings. Rajwinder instructs her men to secure valuable items from Heer’s family.

In court, Heer urgently approaches the judge, while Beant Singh witnesses the auction taking place with a heavy heart. Rajwinder, via call, grabs Beant Singh’s wristwatch. Heer, a law student, passionately presents the violations and unfairness surrounding the Haveli’s confiscation. The judge grants her a stay order and advises her to contest the trial court’s decision. Heer rushes back to the Haveli, but the auction is already underway.

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Rajwinder wins the Haveli for 10 crores. Heer arrives with the stay orders, but the auction organizers refuse to acknowledge them, claiming the auction is already completed. Ranjha supports Heer morally. Witnessing her father’s wristwatch being taken away, Heer is emotionally drained. Beant Singh collapses and needs urgent bypass surgery. The doctor informs Heer, urging her to arrange the considerable sum of money required. Heer, now faced with a financial challenge, wonders how to arrange the funds.

Precap: Rajwinder says to Kuldeep I promise you that I’ll do anything so that Heer says yes to you. Kuldeep says if in 24hrs Heer didn’t say yes to me then you won’t be seeing my face ever. Rajwinder gets a call and she tells Jarnail that Beant Singh had a heart attack, he tries to show himself as strong and now fighting for his life.