Doree 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Komal falls in the temple

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Scene 1
Nelu tells Mansi a man found your daughter 6 years ago in the river. He took the nazarya. She wasn’t alive. She was dead. I feel so upset. Mansi cries. Komal tries to listen in. She wonders why Mansi came there. Mansi gives Nelu money and says don’t tell anyone. Komal tries to get up to listen. Mansi cries in the temple and says why did you give me a fake hope God? Komal tries to jump up. Nelu tells Anand to see if I didn’t tell Mansi. She was so upset. I could tell her but I want to win your trust. Komal asks why is she crying. Nelu tells Anand I know who your daughter is and where is she. He asks who is my daughter?

Doree looks into the class. Doree tells Sanju Vansh is in the same class. Doree says we can hear from the window too and study from there. Baba won’t have to pay the fees either. I will learn everything from the window. You don’t need a classroom, you need ears and a brain. I will listen to everything from the window.

Anand asks Nelu who is. She says the first reward. He asks what do you want? She says your love. Give me a place in your heart. Trust me I won’t tell anyone. I know where your daughter is. Anand says I will give you a place in my heart. Nelu says promise? He says yes. Mansi is coming out. Anand asks who is she. Mansi is coming there. Nelu says her name is.. Komal falls. She screams. Everyoen rushes there. Mansi sees Komal. She says Komal what are you doing her? Komal screams in pain. Nelu says we’ve to call a doctor. It’s an emergency. Mansi says only daai maa gives birth to our kids, not a doctor. Nelu says that’s how she hid the truth. Komal cries in pain. Mansi calls Anand. His phone rings nearby. The inspector comes there. She sees Komal in pain. Nelu says we’ve to decide something. Ganga says take her to my place. it’s close we can call the doctor there meanwhile. Doree says yes let’s take her there aunty. inspector says we don’t have time, to pick her up. Ganga and his family take Nelu to Ganga’s place. Anand says maa will get so mad.

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Scene 2
Dai maa and Kailashi make laddu for Komal. Raj says Komal has pain. Kailashi says let’s go to her room. Raj says she’s not in her room. Kailashi asks where is she? Raj says I’ve no idea when she went. Mansi told me she went to thee temple and fell there. Those people took her to Gagna’s house. Kailashi is shocked. She says what? Did they take her to the basti for delivery? Kailashi gets angry. He says we had no option. she has to be saved. Kailashi says our sons will be born here. I will bring her here. Our kids are always born here. It’s our ritual. Yash says don’t call your fears a ritual. You are scared that she might give birth to girls and epopel will find out if she delivers outside the house. Then you won’t be able to do anything. Kailashi says sI have faith not fears. Our house only gives birth to sons. She says let’s go. Sudha says can I go please? I am worried for her. kailashi says you can’t even be near her till she gives birth. Yash says stop it maa. She says barren lands make other lands barren too. I don’t want her shadow on komal. Stay in your house. Sudha cries and prays for Komal.

Scene 3
Komal screams in pain and says call a doctor please. Anand comes there. Nelu asks Ganga where is doctor? He says he’s coming. Kailashi comes there and says where is my DIL? Her delivery will only happen in our house. Inspector says hello? The kids and mom both are in danger. You can’t take them from here. Doree says I brought the doctor. He will save her. Kailashi is shocked. Doree says you don’t need ot take her anywhere.

Episode ends

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