Shrimad Ramayan 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ram looks for Sugreev

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The Episode starts with Raavan coming to meet Sita. He says you are the future queen of Sita, this adamancy and anger suit you, but you could lose your adamancy, see what all will you get on becoming my wife, everything will be yours, you can go to Mahadev’s Kailash without any hindrance, just think once. Sita refuses. She says I m devoted to Ram, I have no doubt, Ayodhya had all these luxuries, I had sacrificed it and chose Ram, I m only of Ram and will always be. Raavan gets angry. He says Ram is an ordinary human, you are comparing me with him, his mum compelled him to leave Rajya and live in the jungle, he has killed four Rakshas, and you are comparing me with him, he is nothing, he is just a name, Ram. Sita praises Ram and his qualities. She says Ram’s name can’t be taken with your name, he had lifted the Dhanush which you couldn’t, he has killed your brothers and also 1400 devils, he is my soul, devotion, peace and my Swami, he has compassion and he is ruthless at the same time, if you want to get rid of your sins then drop me at Ram’s place and apologize to you, else your ego will ruin your Rakshas clan. He says Ram is an illusion who has controlled your heart. She sits back and says until I m alive, I will chant Ram’s name, if you stay stubborn, then you and Lanka will be ruined. They argue. He says my dream will surely come true, this will be your future, its my promise. He leaves.

Ram says I m missing my mum’s affection, if you permit, then I would like to rest in your lap. Shabari cries and permits him. He lies in her lap. He thinks of his family and cries. Sita also gets sad. Ram says I m in pain longing for my wife. She says then meet her, where is she. He says Raavan abducted her. She says the sorrow will soon end because of your love, I know a person, who can help you find Sita. Ram asks who can help us. She says former king of vanars, Sugreev, he is hiding from his brother and living on Rishimukhya mountain. Ram asks why would he help me. She says your enemy is the same, Raavan kidnapped Sita, Bali has held Roma captive, your sorrow and pain are the same, your goal is also one, he will become your friend, you can help him and he can help you.

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Ram says I will go and meet him. She blesses him. She says permit me to leave this world, I m sure you will find Sita. She disappears. Ram says we should go towards the Rishimukhya mountain to meet Sugreev. Hanuman prays to Ram. He feels joyous. Ram comes that way. Sita refuses to wear the clothes sent by Raavan. The girl says Mandodari has sent these clothes and asked you to stay well. Sita says convey my thanks to her and apologize for not accepting these gifts, ask her to guide her husband, because he is doing Adharm. Mandodari looks on and goes. Trijata says you will die by hunger or Raavan’s anger. Sita says until I see Ram, I can’t die, you don’t worry for me, but for Lankesh. Vanars comes to Sugreev. Nal says two men are coming here in search of you. Sugreev asks what did you see. Ram and Laxman look for Sugreev. Sugreev asks how did they look. The vanar describes them. Jambavant says I think they are some princess, Sugreev, don’t doubt them. Sugreev asks why did they get the bows. The vanar says maybe Bali has sent them to kill you. Sugreev gets shocked.

Hanuman sees Ram and Laxman. He says my Prabhu Ram has come. He hugs Ram.