Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ranbir feels Prachi in his marriage venue

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ranbir feeling Prachi around him and thinks he used to feel this when Prachi was near him. A guy falls down while doing decoration. Prachi says a guy fell down, and says he should have been careful. She feels pity for him and asks the guys to take him from there. Ranbir hears her voice, but haven’t seen her face. He comes near, but Prachi is gone from there. He asks the guy about her. The guy says she went. Armaan informs Khushi that they are going to Gajendra’s daughter’s wedding. Khushi says you didn’t tell me before, and now telling when you are taking me there. Armaan says he is not informing her, but had asked her earlier if she would come. He asks if he can make an important call. He looks for Prachi. Prachi picks up something from the floor and goes. Ranbir and Prachi miss seeing each other. Tashu asks if she is looking the world’s beautiful bride. He asks who said this and says I used to tell her this.

RV and Poorvi waits for everyone to come in the hall. Poorvi says she would have got ready in the room. They argue. Poorvi thinks of Prachi’s fear and tells RV that they have to behave as a normal couple infront of Maa and her family, and says if something happens then there will be problems there and here also. RV says ok, I will be good with you, just as you are saying. Monisha comes there ready to go and looks at Poorvi.

Tashu tells Ranbir that she don’t believe him. She tells that she is marrying him as he is good hearted guy. She tells that he is not at all romantic, but Priyu’s husband is very much romantic. He asks her to marry Priyu’s husband then. Tashu asks if he is jealous? He says he is not jealous and says she is looking good. He says he will go and get more ready. Prachi comes to Tashu and says she is looking very beautiful like an angel. Tashu calls her real friend and not like selfish people.

Monisha tells Poorvi that she knows to keep men in control. Poorvi says RV is her husband and tells that she don’t need to control him. Monisha asks what did she do, to control KK. Poorvi tells that RV said that he will do as I said, and that I am looking very pretty, and that he couldn’t keep off his eye off me. Monisha asks her to stop lying. Poorvi says ok. Dadu comes there. Poorvi says you are looking so good. Dadu asks her not to say infront of Dadi. Poorvi asks if I can go first to help Maa. Dadu asks RV to take Poorvi to KK’s marriage. RV says we all will go altogether. Dadu insists him and orders him to go, else he will shout. RV says don’t shout, and says he will take her. Poorvi takes him from there. They leave. Dadu asks Monisha to drink water, and says bye….Monisha gets upset. Karthik is talking to his girlfriend. Ranbir asks if he is talking to his girlfriend,. Karthik tells him about his problem and says her parents want them to marry, as they don’t know that they are secretly married in court, and you are the witness. He says he can’t call her here, as Tashu hates her and don’t want to hear her name. Ranbir says yes, don’t take her name today.

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Monisha tells Deepika that they shall tell the truth to Dadu. Deepika says no, Dadu is very important for the family, if something happens to him then? She says no. Monisha says she will go to KK’s marriage. Deepika asks her not to go. Karthik comes near Mandap. Prachi asks if she shall call him jiju or KK. He thinks his name is Karthik, and says ok. He gets a call and goes. Ashok asks who is he? Prachi says Mr. KK. They smile. Tashu tells Ranbir that Priyu told her everything about him and after knowing his truth, she can’t marry him. Ranbir is surprised and clueless.

Precap: Khushi tells RV that he couldn’t celebrate wedding night as he was arrested. Ranbir and Prachi’s cross path and their hands’ touches each other. Ranbir is shocked. RV introduces himself as Poorvi’s husband.