Mehndi Wala Ghar 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Manas misbehaves with Mauli

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Mehndi Wala Ghar 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with everyone seeing Manoj and his brothers. Manoj and everyone are drunk. They all laugh. Vijay says Akshay still cries like always. Mauli thinks they have drunk bhaang, but who fed them. She messages Rahul to ask who fed them the bhaang. He replies, no need to thank me. He recalls giving the bhaang to everyone. He says they will now play holi and celebrate, get ready. Akshay says Manoj and Vijay have gone away, you should have not gone, being the eldest, you knew I didn’t want to show the sarees, I had to do it.

Jyoti says Akshay fell alone without his brothers. Vijay says you are my life. Akshay says no. They cry and hug. Vijay says we did wrong with Akshay. Manoj says yes. Vijay says I came to call you, you didn’t come. Manoj says sorry, I thought you will understand, you didn’t understand. Vijay says I understood. Manoj says no, I missed you a lot, every day, all these years. They cry and hug. Manisha says I cried alone when you all left us, I cried so much. Everyone looks on. Vijay says we used to compete eating gujiyas. Ajay says I had 17 gujiyas. Akshay says I had asked neighbor for it and eaten one. Manoj says I will feed it to you with my hands, and also to Vijay. Vijay says holi was not good in London, we never celebrated. Tanvi says he never played holi in London. Ajay says I also didn’t play holi. Swara says he used to lock himself in a room on holi. Manoj says I also didn’t eat gujiyas. They miss the sweets made by Swara and Tanvi. Rahul clicks their pics. Hari says Janki, they stayed away but not from hearts. Janki says I wish they unite, Mauli has done this. Hari says Rahul is also behind this, if they get together then they can do anything. Everyone goes out and plays holi. Rang barse….plays..

Rahul and Mauli sign each other. They wish happy holi. She collides with Manas. Manas wishes her. He takes colours to apply. She says I will get butter milk for everyone. She goes. Manoj wishes Mauli. Manas thinks I can’t waste more time, I will prove you wrong and take my property share from dad. He goes after Mauli. He locks the door and says I want to play holi with you. She says let me go. He says don’t be scared, I just want to talk to you, I want to get close to you, I want to rectify my mistake, I love you Mauli. Mauli says its not right, please let me go. He stops her and says I got this chance by difficulty, its holi today, even strangers hug on this day, we were husband and wife, forgive me. She pushes him. He stops her. He says we got married, if I hadn’t made a mistake to leave you then we would have got close like this, forgive me and go. She says I won’t forgive you ever, move. She runs and opens the door. Manas asks her to stop. Rahul sees them. He stops Manas.

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Manas says don’t come in between, I want to talk to her. Rahul scolds him. They fight. Everyone comes there. Rahul beats Manas a lot. Everyone stops Rahul. Manoj and Ajanta ask Manas is he okay. Manoj asks Rahul to stay in his limits. Vijay says you ask your son, he might have done some disgusting thing. Manoj says whatever Manas did, who is Rahul to raise hand. Vijay says your son deserves it. They start fighting. Nanhe stops them. He gets pushed away. Janki gets angry. She gets a stick and beats them. She scolds them for pushing Nanhe. Tanvi says Rahul never fights with anyone, Manas has done something wrong. Ajanta says you will decide everything. Swara says Manas is useless. Janki says stop it. She asks Mauli what happened and why. Mauli gets tense. She thinks Manoj’s name will get spoiled if I say the truth, if I stay silent then everyone will call Rahul wrong. Hari asks her to say. Rahul says Manas did wrong, she is ashamed to say, Manas has locked Mauli and molested her. Everyone is shocked.

Janki asks Mauli is this true. Manas worries for his plan. Mauli nods. Rahul gets angry.