Shrimad Ramayan 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Raavan brings Sita to Lanka

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Shrimad Ramayan 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raavan welcoming Sita in the golden Lanka. He says you think your Ram will come here and free you. Sita sees the sea demons. Naagmata Sursa greets Raavan. Raavan says you be dutiful like always. He scares Sita. He says you don’t think of flying high, the birds might reach here but can’t go through. Sita sees the birds falling into the sea. Simbhilika greets Raavan and goes. Raavan asks did you see my power, my Lanka, how will that ordinary Vanvasi come here and find you, everyone is my servant here, he will die while finding you. Sita says Ram will cross this sea for me. Mahadev and Parvati talk about Sita and Ram. He says Ram will find a way to reach here. Ram and Laxman are on the way. They see a mountain. Ram says we have to go from other way. The mountain opens eyes. The earth shakes. Laxman asks Ram to be careful. The mountain catches them. Raavan says Lanka is ready to give you the happiness. Sita sees Lanka. Shurpnakha smiles and says Raavan has taken revenge.

Raavan takes the chariot to another place. Sita takes Ram’s name. The mountain asks who are you. Laxman scolds him. He praises Ram. The mountain says its not easy to kill me, I will not leave you. Laxman says we will cut your arms. Ram gets a sword and cuts the mountain’s arms. He falls down. He shoots an arrow and rescues Laxman. The mountain says I won’t get freedom by the arrows, just fire can free me, then I can show you the path to reach Sita. Laxman says he is cheating us. Ram says wait, he knows Sita. He asks how do you know we are finding Sita. The mountain says I was a Gandhar, I have troubled Rishi and he cursed me, I apologized and he told me the way to get Moksh. Ram says tell me where is Sita. The mountain says you have to free me from this curse, burn me and free me. Ram says no, I can’t burn you, it’s a sin. The mountain says give me Moksh. Raavan gets Sita to a garden. He says this is Ashok Vatika, Devtas don’t come here, I got you here for a reason, look at your reflection, the jungle troubles have spoiled your beauty, you will go to Lanka as the queen, you will get decked up. Sita says I will just go with Ram. He says I didn’t feel bad of your words, I understand the pain of separation, trust me, Ashok Vatika’s beauty will win you, then you will be mine, I will give you time, we will marry tonight. He threatens her and leaves. He asks the girl to ask Trijita to make Sita ready. Raavan gets ready and comes to the Sabha.

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He sees his family members. Meghnad argues with him. He says I will defeat Ram and Laxman, and capture them, I will get them here, but its not a victory to get a helpless woman by cheat, this doesn’t suit you. Raavan says don’t teach me about battles, I know everything, be quiet, Sita is suitable for Lanka, be it any way. Ram and Laxman do the final rites of the mountain. Gandhar appears and thanks Ram for freeing him. Ram asks about Sita. Gandhar says Raavan took Sita, you will get help, you go to Rishimuk Parbat, Vanar Raj Sugreev will help you, Chabri is waiting for you there, her wait will end, she will tell you how you will reach your wife. He goes. Ram says we have to reach Maya Chabri soon. chabri keeps the berries and says Ram.

Trijita scolds Sita. Laxman asks Ram to take some rest. Ram refuses.