Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Ramji tries to convince Bala

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhim says it is enough and they all should not fight especially due to him, Jija Bai replies that he is the reason the entire house is fighting, Bhim says because he does not think like them and they should let him do whatever he likes, he even asks Ramji to stop worrying for him explaining the day when his wife Bimma Bai left him then the entire family stopped praying for him but he has become habitual of listening to their bad words before leaving the house but is not worried as Guru jee says one should only care about the things that affect him but not anything else, Rama reveals they all donot know but he still performs the yoga, Bhim walks to leave however Bala says that he also desires Bhim should never get the license, Bhim agrees however says he desires Bala should get all that he desires and works for, Bhim leaves while everyone is worried.

Meghnat furiously walking calls Shishupal to come out asking if he does not want to come, Shishupal comes out with Shamla, Meghnat mentions he has heard that Shishupal has started reading a bit but should tell him what are the sweets for, Meghnat asks what happened saying he asked something so he should answer, Shamla says she went to work and people explained that daughter in law is the string which attaches the family so she wants him to forget everything and they can live together, Meghnat replies she should just give the answer to the question asked as he questioned what is the sweets for, Shishupal replies it is when Bhim is thrown out of the office so then he will distribute the sweet, Meghnat agrees saying he will do it but Shishupal replies it will not happen. Meghnat says that people will remember this incident for generations that a person named Bhim from the lower class tried to get over others so fell down hard while someone named Meghnat rejoiced on his trouble.

Shishupal sees Bhim walking so asks Meghnat to look there, he is shocked seeing Bhim walking while holing the file in his hand. Shishupal asks if Meghnat can see that Bhim is tensed even a bit saying this is the belief he has on him while Meghnat fears how he might lose once again, Bhim coming asks Shishupal how they should leave, Meghnat asks Shishupal to not think that Bhim Rao will win today, Shishupal replies this is what they both have to see, Bhim says even he wants to see as this is the first war in his life in which he knows that those in front of whom he is going to ask for hi right have been sold, so it seems easy to ask for their right from those who are against him but very difficult to seek it from those who have been bought, he will realize today how strong his beliefs have become along with him, he asks Shishupal to come and they turn t leave but the people of the upper class stop him, Meghnat coming to stand in front of him says Bhim just said one thing correct that it is difficult to ask for the right from those who have been sold, Meghnat says even he is sold to his class, society and religion this is why Bhim Rao should understand that his life will end struggling with them but he would not be able to do anything to them because they have the power, money and strength which will help them to make a wall in his way which he would not be able to cross no matter how hard he tries. Shishupal asks Bhim to come, Meghnat says Bhim was not able to answer those who have been sold when he usually is able to do it, Meghnat questions how will Bhim ask for his right, Bhim replies he was not able to give the answer but Meghnat should hear it, Bhim says the walls which Meghnat claims would not break is not true as Shishupal was also a part of the same wall but today he is standing with them having a desire to not break the wall but join them and when the son of Meghnat can join them then anyone can which is his belief, seeing this Meghnat is furious. Bhim tells Meghnat that he fears while fighting them and is restless but victory is ahead of the fear while there is peace ahead of the restlessness, Bhim finally leaves with Shishupal and Shamla.

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Ramji is sitting in his house recalling what Bala said that Bhim and Rama should start the normal work, Bala comes into the house to stand beside Ramji who is still furious, Bala calls him asking what happened, Ramji furiously hits him and then angrily starts throwing the things on the floor including the grains, Bala tries to stop him but Ramji is not listening to anything when Bala is forced to stop him asking what is he doing, Ramji says that just as the condition is of this room then even his mind and heart have the same condition, this is what would have happened as everything got misplaced while it is all due to him, Ramji says Bala had a choice and when he would bring him from the vocalist then he would say that Bhim should do whatever he desires but today said Bhim should do normal jobs and even advised him, Bala turns to leave when Ramji says today he is leaving but when he will get old then realize his words, how an old man needs to share his pains and happiness as he is not able to handle everything and a person tries to search for his wife to share his problem or even the eldest son of the house but he does not know that he also changed. Ramji says when the eldest son of the house is strong then the father gets the strength otherwise the father becomes very weak. Ramji says he has gotten weak, Jija Bai and Karuna are listening to the conversation, Karuna says Ramji might convince Bala so she has to stop him, Jija Bai says she must first see what does Bala say in reply as they need to know what is in his mind. Bala sits beside Ramji and wiping of the tears says that for him the eldest son was always an idiot but his heart knows he has never stopped loving him but Ramji is just thinking about Bhim Rao which his eldest son would not be able to do. Jija Bai praises Karuna that Bala will never go to stand beside Bhim and Rama, Karuna says now she will go to work, Jija Bai thinks that Ramji would not be able to convince Bala,