Bhagya Lakshmi 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Malishka gets horrified to see Lakshmi in dream

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The Episode starts with Trustee saying that it seems Rohan and Paro are like siblings. Rishi says they are siblings, I mean brother and sister, Paro had tied Rakhi to Rohan. Rishi gets a call and goes. The officer comes there and says he has talked to teacher in detail and says he will leave now. He leaves. Lakshmi comes there. Paro and Lakshmi have a hug and kisses. Lakshmi tells trustee that they have to leave now, else train will miss. Trustee asks her to wait till Mr. Oberoi comes. Lakshmi says they have to leave. Rohan and Paro ask each other not to trouble Maa and Dad. Lakshmi hugs Rohan and is about to go, but she sees his sad face, come back to him running and cries. Rohan asks her to go else will miss the train. Lakshmi and Paro go out. Lakshmi says it seems that they have some old relation with someone. Paro asks if I have some relation with Dad. Rohan gets sad. Trustee says this program is for limited time, why you are sad. Rohan says teacher used to take care of very much. Lakshmi sits in the auto with Paro and leaves. Rishi comes there, but doesn’t see them leaving. He thinks he couldn’t see her even today. He comes back. Rohan asks Rishi if he didn’t meet the teacher and says you both will meet surely, and asks him to smile for him. Rishi smiles. Trustee says Lakshmi teacher was teaching good things to Rohan. Rishi says sorry for entering without knocking the door. Trustee says this is all yours. Malishka calls Rishi and asks when he will come. Rishi says he is bringing Rohan home.

Everyone is happy. Rohan comes there and calls Badimaa. Neelam gets happy and runs to him. Rohan hugs him. They welcome Rohan. Shalu and Dadi make arrangements to welcome Paro. Paro asks Lakshmi why did she close her eyes, and what Maasi is upto. Lakshmi says your Maasi asked me to do this. Shalu switches on the light and surprises Paro with the decoration. She says she missed her. Malishka kisses Rohan. Neelam asks Rohan if teacher scolded or beat him. Rohan says no, teacher saved me twice, and tells that once he has fallen down from the tree, but saved saved him and the other time, he fell down from the cycle on the pointed weapon, but teacher saved him. Karishma says if teacher asked him not to tell them.

Rohan says teacher asked him to tell everyone, but he was afraid that they will call him back. He says Dadi knew about it. Rishi says I knew it. Neelam says you have hidden from me. Rishi says I didn’t tell as you might have got worried or sent me to take him back. Karishma says Rohan learnt to lie. Rohan says no, teacher is really good and all the villager obeys her, they call her lucky, angel, Devi etc. Anushka says today your favorite food is made. Malishka asks if he missed his favorite food. Rohan says teacher used to ask him and make his favorite dishes. Paro tells Shalu that she felt Rohan’s house as her own, and says she misses Dad here. Rohan tells that he wants to go back and stay there. Rishi praises the program and tells that even educational dept likes it. Neelam tells that it is enough of Lakshmi puran and says her daughter insulted me so I will never forget her.

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Ranjeet tells that he can’t forget Lakshmi, he wants to marry her. The guy asks him to marry forcibly. Ranjeet slaps him and says she is not ready to marry him. The guy says Panchayat is held to discuss about Lakshmi. Ranjeet says you should have found out. Other guy says if Panchayat wants to get Lakshmi married. Ranjeet says why Panchayat will do this.

Rishi comes to Rohan’s room and takes off his specs and covers him with blanket. Paro is sleeping on Lakshmi’s lap. Lakshmi says I didn’t know that you miss your father, I try to give both parents’ love to you. Rishi goes from Rohan’s room. Lakshmi feels guilty to separate a daughter from her father, soja re laddo plays…..

Malishka dreams and sees Lakshmi. Lakshmi says yes. Malishka says you are dead. Lakshmi says I am alive and standing infront of you, to take my love back. Malishka says no, Rishi is mine. Lakshmi shouts no, he is mine. She says he is my husband, I have come back to take him back. She wakes up shouting and says Rishi is mine. She thinks why did she see the dream after many days. Rishi comes there. Neelam also comes there. Malishka says this dream shall not come true. Ayush and Karishma also come there. Rishi says I am with Malishka and asks them to go and sleep. Neelam sees their separate beds.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Shalu that mother can’t compensate for father and father can’t compensate for a mother and asks if this is right. Neelam says what is the reason that they stay separately. Rishi tells Malishka that Mom has seen them sleeping separately. Neelam asks Rishi if he didn’t forget Lakshmi. Rishi says I didn’t forget her.