Shiv Shakti (Zee) 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Shakti stop Rimjhim’s wedding

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 22nd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shiv tells Shakti that I have disappointed Rimjhim today. Shakti says we have to focus on Jyoti’s life for now. Shiv says Ranjan will win now.

Ragunath tells the family that Shiv and Shakti had an accident. Dadi panics and asks how are they? Mandira starts acting and says I shouldn’t have left Shiv alone, this is all my fault. Dadi consoles her and Mandira smirks.

Ranjan and Rimjhim sit in the mandap. Ranjan says we can’t wait more, lets start the wedding. Manorama says sure, lets start pheras. Rimjhim cries and thinks Lord please get me out of this marriage, if you want this for me then fine. I will leave the house but to go to Lord. Rimjhim and Ranjan are about to start pheras but Shiv-Shakti come there. Shiv says you are too eager to this wedding right? Ranjan is shocked to see them. Shakti says he is scared that he will be exposed. Rimjhim frees herself and runs to Shakti. Manorama asks Shakti how did she get hurt? Chacha asks if she is okay? Shakti says I didn’t get hurt, someone deliberately tried to hurt me. Manorama asks who? Shakti points at Ranjan and recalls his misbehaviors. She slaps him hard. All are shocked. Shakti says Ranjan was behind all this, nobody can save him from me. Ranjan’s father says what is all this? Shakti says you should ask your son. She shows Ranjan’s bracelet. Dharam says I gifted this to Ranjan. Shakti says I know that. We were trying to find proof against Ranjan and found this bracelet there. I remember now that it belonged to Ranjan. Ranjan says if you raise hand on me again then I will forget that you are a girl, I will retaliate. Shiv stands inbetween them and says if you dare take a step against Shakti then you will die. Ranjan’s father says he can’t threat Ranjan like this. Manorama says we will ask nicely, she asks Ranjan how come Shakti has his bracelet? Ranjan says you are doubting me because of this Shiv? Manorama says Shakti is my daughter so you have to clarify. I am a mother and I can never trust anyone if my daughter is hurt so tell us how come Shakti has your bracelet? Ranjan says she must have stole it to frame me. Shiv charges at him, Ranjan says see he wants to kill me. Chacha is angry and shouts at Shakti why did she leave the house when he warned her? Manorama says she is hurt so calm down. Chacha tells Shakti that I told you if you left the house then you will see my dead face but you didn’t care. Shiv tells Shakti to not be embarrassed, you didn’t do anything. He tells everyone that Shakti promised to save Rimjhim’s life so she broke Chacha’s promise. Ranjan says what promise are you fulfilling? isn’t this an affair? he tells Chacha to open his eyes and see that they are having an affair. Ranjan’s mother says Shakti is a liar. Chacha asks Shakti to answer. Shakti says yes, I broke your promise because I had another promise which was to protect Rimjhim at any cost, to do anything for her happiness and break all promises to fulfill this promise. Chacha says I can’t trust your words. Shiv says its okay but you will trust the person who was molested by Ranjan at our company? He tried to hunt her but she lived and will be his destruction now. He calls Jyoti inside. Ranjan is shocked seeing her.

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The episode ends.