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Scene 1
Pami tells the family that Daljeet will stay with us, we should have been more careful, I will make him stay with us, she tells Daljeet that she loves him a lot. He shouts that I don’t want your love, I want money and if you can’t give that then I will leave the house. Pari says you can’t talk to your mother like this. Daljeet says stay away from me otherwise it won’t be good for you. Sanju says stay in your limits. Daljeet says do you know your limits? he tells Pami that he is leaving the house for good and won’t come back now. Pami is broken hearing and goes from there. Neeti and Sanju go to check on her. Bebe acts like fainting so the family members take her to her room.

Sanju and Neeti console Pami. Sanju says everything will be fine. Pami says Daljeet is very stubborn, I dont want Daljeet to pay for my mistakes, I couldn’t give him a mother’s love, please don’t let him leave. He came back after years and now he wants to leave me again. Neeti hears that and leaves from there.

Pari asks Bebe to rest, she says I will call the doctor. Bebe says I will take medicines and will be fine, I am okay now. Gurvindar says I will take care of her, all leave. Gurvindar asks Bebe what drama is she doing? Bebe says don’t tell anyone that I am doing drama.

Daljeet is packing his bags, Neeti comes to him and says you shouldn’t hurt your parents like this. He pins her to the wall and says I don’t care about them, they can die all I want. Neeti tries to slap him but he pushes her away. Neeti says please don’t leave. He doesn’t listen and takes his bags from there.

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Pari comes to Daljeet and says when I saw the property papers, I thought Pami wanted to give you everything as a mother. She loves you a lot so I thought she wanted to prove it but then I talked to the lawyer and found out you were fooling Pami. Daljeet says you talk nicely but you are very smart. You will pay for being this smart, I will never come back to this house and you should pray that I die as I don’t forget people who go against me. If I remain alive after today then you won’t be spared, I will destroy your life. I will meet you if I get saved. Neeti comes there so he tells her to remember all this, he leaves. Neeti asks Pari if she is happy now?

Scene 2
Gurvindar tells Bebe that I can’t leave you, I don’t like to see people crying. I will go out when they all calm down. We are alike. Bebe says not at all, you have no standing in this house, Daljeet was right that you have no rights in this house, you are just a mop that they use and then discard you. You have 2 daughter in laws but they listen to Pami only. You should have learned from Pami and control everyone. You should make everyone under your control, they should be happy in your happiness and sad in your sadness like Pami. Gurvindar looks on. Bebe smirks and thinks I have manipulated her too.

Pari asks Neeti why would she be happy with all this? Neeti says I know you want this family to be in pain. Pami is my mother in law and she was so happy to see her son but you want attention and love all to yourself that’s why you did all this. Pami is hurt because of you.

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