Radha Mohan 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini reveals her plan to Radha and Mohan


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Kunal says that those people who have come here on the basis of reference, they already have very low chances of winning, Radha gets worried saying their day has gotten a very bad start and what would happen so Mohan says that he is now going to use his influence to take revenge from them, Damini standing beside their table says that he would surely take revenge because she has filled hatred in his mind against them, Damini mentions she was thinking that they do not have money to eat but how were they able to arrange such a big amount, she therefor investigated the life of Krishna Kayshup and how she gave them money for the treatment after which Damini mentions she became friends with KK, Damini greets him so then after hugging him sits on the table in front of Mohan and Radha.

Radha asks Mohan to not be worried, but Mohan says that this is just a competition for Damini and KK but for them is their entire life and the only way to return the honor of their family and give them a way of happiness, while the best chance they have to return the money which they took for the treatment of Gungun. Mohan says that Damini has ruined the mind of KK so they do not know what this rich man would do, Radha asks Mohan to not be worried as she can handle such people very easily, Mohan asks what does she mean when she replies even her husband was a wealthy person who had even more wealth then KK with a very stubborn attitude but she managed to bring him on line. Kunal asks everyone to come and present the ideas of their books after which only three would be shortlisted and they would be granted twenty million as a start to work for them, Kunal explains the judges are very big publishers who would surely judge based on their performance, in order to make sure that those who have come here on reference do not feel that they are not given the due importance, he calls the first team so they start presenting the book which is based on the involvement of Ai, and after finishing the presentation the second group comes presenting the book which is to help anyone become a finance expert, Mohan is carefully listening to the presentation. The third group starts the presentation about the book which is about a tragic story of a family belonging to South Africa in America and their rise in the society, explaining the struggles that they faced. The judges clap for them. Damini looking at Mohan thinks that she wants to make sure this nervousness turns into fear when Gungun would be dying she will see them running from here, Damini is smiling.

Nirmala says that her daughter is fighting for her life here while Radha is enjoying with Mohan in Maldives, Kadambari replies that it is nothing of the sort but Nirmala says that this is the truth as she always lies in order to protect the actions of her son, she pushes Kadmabari who is about to fall but Rahul helps her stand up questioning how did Nirmala dare push his mother but Kadmabari stops everyone saying she is fine, kadambari informs she understands the fear of Nirmala and knows that she does not trust them but explains Nirmala still trusts Radha whom she has considered as her own daughter so would she leave Gungun in such a severe condition as Radha would herself be very tensed there.

Radha tells Mohan that she is very tensed but Mohan calms him down, Kunal mentions that he wants Damini to present her idea about her book when Mohan says that it is partiality as he was really praising her. Damini taking the stage mentions she has brought before them a love story which is named as Ishqiyan Siskiyan that is going to be a love story along with fantasy and even knowledge, they all are listening to her presentation when Kunal starts smiling. Damini mentions they are going to publish this book under Trivedi publication in collaboration with Kunal who is the owner of LSD, Kunal tells the other judges that Damini is his very close friend and they have to select her, the judges start praising her when Kunal even hugs Damini. Mohan wonders how can KK like such a stupid idea, Kunal says that he is going to call Radha and Mohan but he is sure this is going to be their last round, everyone starts smiling. Radha is about to get up after praying but she notices Mohan is worried so tells him it is time to be brave and not get scared, she asks him to come with her.

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Radha and Mohan start walking to the desk when Mohan introduces himself to everyone while Radha is praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee to be on their side, Radha explains they are going to publish Bhagwat Geeta, when Kunal says this has already been published but Radha replies she feels he has not heard the title but explains they are going to do something different and give ways to include Bhagwat Geeta in each and every aspect of their lives, Kunal says Radha is talking as if she has done PHD in Bhagwat Geeta, Radha replies she has accepted it in her life and has used the teachings in each and every aspect, after which she found out that Bhagwat Geeta is the answer to all the problem, it is the shade from the sun while the love for the sadness and even the way to light up their soul in case of sorrow, and even the way that makes people meet with Bhagwan, Radha says that Ba Kai Bihari jee gave Arjun teachings in MahaBharat, and the worlds longest poem is also in Bhagwat Geeta, Kunal says that it is only relating in India but they are searching for a book that can be published worldwide so how should they select it. Mohan says they associate this book with the market in India but it was originally written in Sanskrit and after that has been translated to more then 175 languages, it is one off the highest selling books. Mohan further says it was first translated by Charles Wilkis who belongs from London, so people can even read it abroad, Mohan asks if they know who is Charles Wilkis saying he was a typographer and an orientalist, he asks if they all know the meaning of orientalist mentioning in Hindi they say that he had done PHD in it, and there are even a lot of other examples of very important figures in history on whose lives Bhagwat Geeta has a very strong impact, and the university of Cambridge has also included Bhagwat Geeta in their curriculum so that students can use it to live a good life, Mohan explains they all know who is Lord Krishna and those problems are still valuable in the present times, so Bhagwat Geeta is a book of life which teaches them the way to live. Kunal explains the idea to the other judges informing Radha is telling the relevance of Bhagwat Geeta to the whole world, Mohan says it is all from their side, all of the guests are just sitting there seeing which Mohan and Radha get a bit worried, he then hits his hand against the table. Damini thinks these foreigners would not show their trust in Radha’s Bhagwat Geeta, she thinks now this competition is going to end for them, Radha angrily looks to Damini who is smiling.

Precap: Radha tells Kadambari they have passed the first round so Radha requests to talk with Gungun but Kadmabari tries to make excuses, Gungun starts breathing heavily. Damini sitting with a criminal mentions that Radha would have to die today so she instructs the criminal to kill her, Mohan calls Radha wondering where is she at the moment, he is sure she is in some sort of a problem. Radha tries calling Mohan while floating in the ocean from the glass floor.