Shiv Shakti (Zee) 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Keertan slaps Rimjim

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Scene 1
Shakti looks for Shiv. He’s in the kitchen. Shakti sees him making his lunch. She says sorry. He says you can never wake up early. I can take care of my Kartik. She says you look attractive in the kitchen. He says poor Kartik went to school. I will have to send lunch with the driver. She says we can do what we couldn’t do in the bedroom in the kitchen. He says are you crazy? I will call everyone. He says ma. Keertan comes there. He says you can do all this in the room. This isn’t good. Shiv says sorry, but she doesn’t listen. Shakti says yeah I don’t listen to you. You can tell me we can do anything in the kitchen. Shiv says she doesn’t understand. Shakti holds Shiv’s hand. Keertan says what’s happening in this house? Shakti says do you have a  problem? Rimjim comes there. Keertan says you can do whatever you want. It’s your life. I just don’t like PDA.

Shakti says we’re husband and wife. What’s your problem? He says because of you my relationship with my wife is affected. We’re distant because of you. You’re ruining my life. Shiv stops Keertan. He says don’t forget she’s your bhabhi. I know Shakti made a mistake but you can’t behave with her life that. Rimjim says and you can talk to my husband like that? Control your wife first. Shakti says don’t misbehave with him. Rimjim says you can misbehave with my husband. Your husband can’t even stop you from talking all the time. Why don’t you sit at home? Shakti says mind your language. She says why should I? He’s always hiding behind his wife. Burn your degree and sit at home. You can’t even control your wife. You’re not even a man. Keertan slaps Rimjim. He says how dare you talk to my elder brother like that. Shakti says how dare you slap my sister. If you ever touch her again I will not leave you. Rimjim comes to slap Shakti. Shiv stops her. He says what is happening in this house? Everyone is slapping each other? This is a home. Is that how you behave with your wife Keertan? Keertan says she can’t misbehave with you. Bhagwati says it’s all Shakti’s mistake. Raghunath says what do you want? You’ve ruined this family. Padma says she wants us all to hit each other. Shiv says to Shakti why do you do all this? Manidra says enough for today. Let us do our work.

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Shakti says to Shiv please listen to me. He leaves. Keertan says to Shakti this was my revenge. She says you.. He says slap me again. At least you will touch me. But every time you hurt me I will hurt your sister. You will ruin your life. Mandira comes there. She says I am so proud of you my son. Some people should be taught their place like that. Shakti’s life is in her sister. She will suffer if you hurt her sister. thanks for reminding her of her weakness. She will be in pain and Shakti will cry. Shakti says don’t you dare. Mandira says you will see what I dare. Your weakness is in our hands. Rimjim will do whatever we say.

Episode ends