Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Aaji is hospitalized

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Aaji screams. Amruta and Harsh rush in. They all panic. Harsh says she has a cardiac arrest. We have to go right now. Jahan says the ambulance will take 10 minutes. Harsh says we can’t wait that long. Amruta says elt’s go on bike. Deepika says to Virat I heard you taught them their place. Babita says well done. He says I am Virat Ahuja. They thought they could do anything. Bebe says you’ve made me so happy. He says should celebrate. Shekhar says we can celebrate another day. Baibta says don’t stop him. Let him party with his friends. He went through so much stress. Virat says you understand me the most mom. Sorry mom. You had to stay in stress because of that girl. Babita says forget about her.

Amruta and Harsh put Aaji on the like. They tie her with Amruta. Bhavani says we have no other options. Jay comes and says what are you doing. Is this a way to take her? Harsh says you should be glad we told you. Go from here. Jay says you will take her on a bike. I will take her. Amruta says I am sure Ishika has your car. Will you wait for her? See her condition. Jay says to Harsh you move I will go. Bhavani shoves him and says enough. She’s in this condition because of you. She sends the kids with Aaji.

Scene 2
Virat dances and parties with his friends. He thinks about Aaji insulting him. Virat drinks. Amruta, Harsh, and Aaji are on their way on bike. Virat imagines Amruta. He imagines dancing with her. Shekhar asks Virat what are you doing. Virat says how can I keep thinking about her even after all she did. He breaks a glass in anger. Shekhar asks are you okay? He says yes.

Amruta says Aaji please get better. Harsh says drive fast, please. She says if anything happens to her we won’t forgive ourselves. Virat keeps drinking. Dildar says so much anger? Thank God I sent Shekhar home. Virat says sorry Dad. Dildar hugs him.

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Amruta is at the hospital. Bhavani hugs her. She says you saved Aaji’s life. Ishika comes there and says to Jay I prayed for your mom a lot. Don’t worry about her. Harsh tells them they’re checking her reports. Ishika says it’s all happening because of your lie. Dildar asks Virat why are you so angry? Virat says I was insulted in front of everyone. I always supported her and went against my mom. And she did this? She told everyone my secret. Why? I shared my personal life details with her. She exposed it to everyone. she said my secret was safe with her. Diildar says are you sure Amruta told her aaji? Virat says yes she did. And did she stop her aaji? No one else knew. She told everyone. She broke my trust. I will never forgive her. Dildar says let it go, please. What you did was also not right. It’s all even now. Don’t burn in the fire of revenge. Forgive about it.

Jay says my mom is in the hospital because of you. Bhavani says you can’t accuse me and my kids for your sins. Ishika says it happened because of your lies. It was your idea to lie to her. Amruta says go from here. Ishika says this isn’t your home. Jay will decide who will go and who will stay. He says Bhavani go. she says I won’t. He says she’s my mom, she’s not related to you anymore. Bhavani says she’s to say that to me herself. Amruta says to Harsh don’t let aaji meet any person who can ruin her health more. Harsh says I won’t let any useless person come near her.

Episode ends