Parineeti 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sukwinder meets an accident

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Scene 1
Rajiv fights with the goons. Neeti hits them too. They sit in the car but goons get them out. They put guns on them. They say you can’t ever get out of our area. Pari says don’t shoot anyone. They hit Sanju. Pari cries. She says we will go with you please don’t hurt him.

Tao ji asks Pami o rest. She says we should just sit here. The nurse Pami Sukwinder has met an accident. They’re shocked. They all rush to the hospital. Pari and Neeti are brought to a room. They see stones. Pari and Neeti start hitting the goons with stones. The doctor tells Pami Sukwinder’s condition is very bad. She has too much blood loss. Please sign the form so we can start her treatment. They start her treatment. Pami cries. She says I didn’t believe her. I asked her to go to the police alone. When she needed us the most I left her alone. I feel like Neeti is fooling her mom as well. Salojna says enough fo accusing her.

Scene 2
Sanju, Pari, and Neeti get in the car. The goons follow them. They get out of the car and become part of a caravan. They hide in the chunri. The goons look for them. They come inside the temple. The goons look around but can’t find them. Sanju asks them to hide their faces. Pari says we should stay here tonight. They go behind the temple.

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Salojna says what do you want Pami? Tao ji says what are you saying? She says ask your wife. She has become our curse. She’s so heartless. You could at least behave nicely with Sukwinder. See her condition. Did you ever have a relationship with her? Pami says I made a mistake. The doctor says we did the surgery. We just have to wait. Pami asks Tao ji to call Sanju. He says Sanju’s phone is off.

Scene 3
PAari wakes up in the temple. she sees Neeti sleeping next to her. Sanju asks Pandit Ji if he can use his phone to make the call. Pari sees a bruise on Neeti’s hand. Sanju calls Tai ji. He tells Pami they’re at the temple. Pami tells him Sukwinder met an accident. Sanju tells Pari and Neeti. Neeti panics and cries for her mom. Pami tells the family they’re okay. Salojna says you risked Neeti’s life. chandrika says you can’t blame her. Salojna says she has no heart. she’s responsible for all this. The doctor tells them Sukwinder isn’t conscious yet. Sanju Pari and Neeti came there.

Episode ends