Shiv Shakti (Zee) 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Mandira tries to test the priest

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 10th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shiv comes to Mandira’s house, Dadi comes there with Shakti in a veil. She asks who is he? he looks like a great priest. Shakti whispers that its Shiv. She smiles and does his aarti. Padma comes there and begs him to save her from a ghost. He tells her to calm down, he will take away evil spirits from this house. Mandira asks Dadi why isn’t she touching his feet? is there a problem? Dadi gets worried and says not at all. Manorama sees that on cameras and says this woman is so evil. Koyal says she might have an idea that its Shiv, she is very clever. If Dadi touches his feet then her doubt will be confirmed. Dadi is about to touch his feet but Shiv stops her and Dadi sighs in pain. He makes her sit down and says you don’t need to bow down. Ragunath says Dadi isn’t well but Mandira forced her to bow down. Shiv says someone died in this house and its ghost is roaming in this house. Padma says you are totally right. Shiv asks who killed her? we have to end her killer otherwise the ghost won’t leave this house. We have to do a pooja to make her leave this house. He asks Mandira to bring something that belonged to the dead ghost.

Shiv goes to his room, Shakti brings a towel for him. He says I missed you, she hugs him and says I missed you a lot. She asks how is Kartik? is he eating on time? He says he is fine, we have 3 days to bring Mandira’s truth out. We will expose her, Maa will get justice. Mandira comes there so Shiv goes to the washroom, Shakti leaves from there. Mandira takes a recorder that she had hid in Shiv’s feet.

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Scene 2

Shiv starts the pooja and says evil spirits will leave the house today. He asks for her ashes pot. Mandira tells Keertan to bring the fake one to test him. Keertan brings the fake ashes pot, Mandira says these belong to Gayatri. Shiv takes it and recalls his moments with her. He is about to open the pot but hears a voice saying its not her. He throws away the pot and shouts at Keertan for trying to test him, he says how dare you give me the fake pot? I will curse you for life. Mandira gets scared and says we are really sorry, he will bring the real pot. Shiv says your death is here now. Mandira turns to find Gayatri’s ghost coming there. She gets scared and says please save me. Shiv says you are the killer, she says no no.. I didn’t do anything. He says you are lying, you killed her, tell the truth if you want me to save you. Mandira screams that yes there was a murder in this house, Gayatri was killed here.

The episode ends.