Radha Mohan 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Radhika threatens Mohan jee after taking back the complaint

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Radhika comes out when Ajeet asks who drives like it, Radha requests the Inspector to let Mr Trivedi go, Inspector replies she first complained about him and is now trying to save, Mohan asks if she was the one who complained, Radha accepts she is the one who filed the complaint, she remembers when she realized Mohan was revealing the entire situation from their past so she went to the corner and complained, Inspector asks if she has thought about law as a joke and why did she ruin their time, Radha says she is sorry for the problems caused to him but he should see that his family is in a lot of tension due to him and there are two children so she does not want that his family should suffer for his mistake. Inspector orders the constable to bring Mr Trivedi out of the van. Mohan asks why are they pulling him from the legs, Ajeet helps Mohan while the constable manages to take the alcohol bottle from him, Inspector says they are letting Mohan go on her request but next time he will not even get bail, Inspector tells Radhika that the police want to work like a friend but it does not mean they should also start treating them in the same manner. Mohan is about to fall when Radhika helps him remain standing, Mohan recalls the day when he took the responsibility of Radha at the Trivedi Nivas. He then accepted his love for her after which they started living a happy life, filled with joy and love for each other, Radhika then pushes Mohan away who says she complained about him, Radhika angrily replies she wanted to show him about what she can do to him if he tries to ruin her life, Radhika says he will surely go to jail the next time and it is better if he stays away from her and the entire family, Mohan asks Ajeet to push him away, Mohan replies he will tell the entire truth to her husband Yug, Radha angrily warns him to not tell anything to Yug not even a single word, Mohan wonders why is she yelling.

Yug corners Punam saying there is no exit and what was she asking Radhika to hide from him, Punam replies it is nothing when Yug says if she talks like tis then he will find out she is lying, he asks where is Radhika when Punam says she does not know, Yug replies he does not want to hear it when she asks him to trust her word, Yug says she does not tell him when he is polite with her but Yug asks her to come with him while she is worried.

Radhika says Mohan promised to not do anything and cause fire in her house while stay away from her family but as far as she knows him then he does not break the promises while has it also changed in these years, while even if this quality is still present then he would not tell anything to Yug, she says if he tells Yug then she will accept he is not the person whom she fell in love with and he is going to lose his place, while even he would not be able to make her respect him. Radhika orders them all to convince Mohan that if he tries to interfere in her family then she is going to forget all the limits. She even warns them all to not cause any problems in her house, Ajeet asks Mohan bhai to come sit in the car while they will talk in the house, Mohan asks why is he breathing so heavily then Ajeet replies he si very happy, Mohan sits in the car with Gungun at the back seat, telling that Radha is a cheater as she moved on while she can bring a gold medal for the country.

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Ketki tells Radha that if she desires then she would not even let Mohan bhai come in her city, ketki says what can she do as she loves her brother so much that she cannot stop her brother, ketki says and how Radha keeps always blaming her brother then it is not right,ketki says Radha is the reason for the condition of her brother who had not seen alcohol till now while what Radha has done to Mohan bhai broke her heart, Radha asks Ketki to have a bit of shame as she felt that ketki would never go against her but she is also like her family who blame others. Radha asks ketki to remember as she did not deceive her brother but left after telling him and placed the Mangal Sutur on his hand. She left to protect her self respect and it is her choice to live her life while it is not her problem if her brother cannot see it, she says that Mohan needs to just stay away from her family and son. Radhika says his condition is due to his own actions, he keeps his eyes covered when someone tries to show him the truth but when he finds it out then starts crying, he does not even know what someone feels due to him, Radhika replies Ketki should always understand one thing that if they raise one finger at other then three fingers are also pointed at themselves, she says that her brother would not be proven correct if she is blamed for everything, Radhika gets back in her car to leave while Mohan start getting emotional.

Yug says he has set a treadmill for her and so forces Punam to climb on it, he says she should run on it, Punam tries to get off when Yug says it is known as exercise and even her mind is clogged which will get better if she starts running, Punam says it is nothing of the sort but Yug makes her walk on the treadmill, Punam says Yug is suspecting her without any reason so should stop it, he asks if Punam can remember anything but when she does not reply, he starts increasing the speed of the treadmill, Punam starts breathing heavily, Yug says she should not do anything else otherwise would get hurt, he asks her to try and think but she keeps replying she does not know anything so Yug increases the speed of the treadmill, Punam ties to stop it but Yug says e is the one who has the control and demands to know what she was talking with Radhika, Punam is running when she is about to faint but Yug does not stop the treadmill.

Radhika stops the car and getting out of it starts breathing heavily recalling when she told Mohan if he says anything to Yug then she will accept he is not the one she fell in love with, she even threatened to cross all of her limits. Radha questions why has Ba Kai Bihari jee gotten her in such a condition as on one side is her old love while at the other side is her new responsibility, at one side is the love who left her while she did not stop loving him, but at the other side is the person who supported her at the difficult te and at one side and she cannot leave her new duty and be so selfish, she says she can neither leave Mohan jee nor go by him and questions Ba Kai Bihari jee why is he forcing her to give so much pain to Mohan jee. Radha pleads with Ba Kai Bihari jee to do something that she can get out of this problem, she is tensed while Mohan is sitting in the car