Lakshmi Narayan 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar allows Lakshmi to marry Narayan

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Scene 1

Narayan requests Sagar and Jalpari to allow him to marry their daughter Lakshmi. he requests them to take him as their son-in-law. Sagar says how dare you? you took away my son, took away my ocean’s luxuries and now you are requesting me this? Narayan says I am requesting you to bless your daughter and marry her to me. Jalpari says its our honor, we will do it. Lakshmi asks Sagar if he took her in as a daughter for revenge only? He won against you, he didn’t need your permission but he still honoured you as my father, you did call me a daughter so I am requesting tou to bless your daughter. I won’t marry him without your blessings, you gave luxuries to everyone but I am just asking for your blessings, will you let me go empty-handed? Sagar grabs her hand and puts flowers on her palm. He brings her to Narayan and gives her hand in his hand. Lakshmi is elated to get his blessings. Narayan and Lakshmi exchange garlands. Asurs open their eyes after the wedding is done. Sagar tells Narayan that he blessed his daughter but he still is fighting against him. He has to stop this manthan. Aditi says he promised us to get Amrit so he can’t go against his words. Narayan tells Sagar that he is bound by his duty so he can’t stop this manthan. Sagar says if you continue this then you all regret it. Narayan says we have to fulfil our duties. Sagar says Amrit is not going to come up but something so dangerous that you all regret this manthan. Asurs and Devtas restart manthan and suddenly and evil spirit comes up from the ocean. Devshi says she looks like Mata Lakshmi but her face has pain and anger, who is she? Sagar says she is totally opposite of Lakshmi because she is Sagar’s Alakshmi. She looks like Lakshmi. Devhi sees Lakshmi not having a shadow. Sagar says Alakshmi curse can destroy people. He tells Narayan that I told you to not continue this manthan but you didn’t listen. Who will accept her now? Lakshmi brings blessings and wealth in the world but Alakshmi brings destruction and ruin. No one will accept her. Aditi thinks if we get her then we can use her to destroy anything we want. Aditi says we want her on our side. Alakshmi laughs and says I won’t go to any side, I am a free spirit. Lakshmi says this will be an injustice to the world. Sagar says she is my daughter too and she will bring justice for me. He asks her to go to the world and destroy it. Lakshmi tries to stop her but she says you can’t stop me, I am made out of your shadow. She comes on the beach and her steps are burning everything. Lakshmi tells Narayan that you stopped me from imbalancing the world when I was angry at Asurs but Alakshmi will bring imbalance to the world with her darkness, you have to do something. Narayan says she is your shadow and can’t take you over, we accepted everything so we will accept her too and give her rightful position to her.

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The episode ends.